The Los Angeles Dodgers of the American Professional Baseball Major League (MLB) released right-handed pitcher Trevor Bower (32), who was suspended for sexual assault.

The Dodgers said in an official statement on the 7th (Korean time), “In the meantime, we have actively cooperated with the MLB Secretariat’s investigation, and we have followed a policy that strictly prohibits domestic violence, sexual violence, and child abuse.” After being implemented, he received the longest suspension (194 games). Bower is no longer part of our team.”

Degers is currently preparing a lawsuit to reduce the wages owed to Bower. If the team does not win, the remaining annual salary of 22.5 million dollars (approximately 28.2 billion won) must be paid to Bower. However, the Dodgers decided to cut ties with Bower despite the huge financial loss.

The Dodgers also placed Bower on the designated for assignment (DFA) list. If a player is placed on standby for release, the player can transfer to that team if they receive a recruitment offer from another team. At this time, the team that wants to recruit Bower only needs to pay $720,000, the lowest annual salary in the major leagues. The Dodgers must pay $22.5 million in annual salary for the period excluding 51 unpaid suspensions in 2023.

If there is no transfer offer, Bower has to go down to the minor leagues of his original team. However, the Dodgers are not allowing Bower to go to the minor leagues.

Bower was investigated by the prosecution in April and May 2021 for committing a sadistic act accompanied by violence while having sex with a woman he met online.

The Los Angeles County Attorney’s Office reviewed e-mails and transcripts exchanged between Bower and the victim and judged that there was insufficient evidence to prove the charges, and in February of last year, the prosecution was dismissed. However, after conducting its own investigation, the MLB Secretariat issued an unpaid suspension of 324 games to Bower on April 30, 2022, according to internal regulations that strictly enforce sexual and domestic violence.

메이저사이트 Later, an independent arbitrator recognized by the MLB Secretariat and the Players Union recommended that Bower’s unpaid suspension be reduced to 194 games, and the MLB Secretariat accepted on December 23 last year to avoid legal battles.

After being ordered to take a ‘paid’ leave of absence on July 3, 2021, Empty received his salary without playing in a game until April 2022. Afterwards, no salary was received for 143 games in 2022 and 50 games in 2023, which were included in his unpaid suspension period. said, “Bower was suspended for 194 games without pay and suffered a total loss of $37.5 million.”

However, his financial losses are far greater than the Dodgers. Ahead of the 2021 season with the Dodgers, Bower signed a three-year, $102 million contract. However, Bower pitched in just 17 games in a Dodgers uniform and recorded an ERA of 2.59 with an ERA of 8-5.

So, there was a prospect of returning Bower to the team to avoid huge financial losses, but the Dodgers chose to release him.

“I had a meeting with the Dodgers leadership yesterday in Arizona, and they wanted me to return this year and pitch for the team,” Bauer said in a statement after the Dodgers’ decision to release him. Thank you for the generous support you have received. We wish the players good luck and look forward to competing elsewhere.”