Lee Tan-hee “Is a person with a history of drunk driving inspected for drunk driving?” Choi Jae-hae coughed

It has been revealed that Director Kim Sook-dong of the Special메이저놀이터 Investigation Bureau of the Board of Audit and Inspection, who became a hot topic for his ‘high-speed promotion’ and who was a close associate of Secretary-General of the Board of Audit and Inspection Yoo Byeong-ho, received only written warnings even after committing drunk driving in the past. The disposition itself is a problem, but it is pointed out that the Board of Audit and Inspection has a double standard in that he is in charge of inspecting public officials for misbehavior such as drunk driving. 

On the 26th, Lee Tan-hee, a member of the Democratic Party, asked Director Jae-hae Choi of the National Assembly Legislation and Judiciary Committee on pending issues, “Director Kim Sook-dong, who was recently promoted to a high-ranking audit official, has a history of drunk driving. Audit Director Choi replied, “I know that.” The Board of Audit and Inspection also responded to Rep. Lee’s preliminary inquiry, saying, “There is no record of Director Kim’s drunk driving because it ended with a written warning.” 

Rep. Lee said, “My current position is the head of the Special Investigation Bureau, but my duty is to inspect public officials for corruption. And among the five major offenses, of course, drunk driving is included.” Would it be common sense for the people to go to the position of supervising people?”

Audit Director Choi said, “Well, I don’t know what the people think, but I’m a very competent executive who works very well.”  

Representative Lee Tan-hee:“After taking office, I audited the Export-Import Bank of Korea last year. At that time, I issued an audit result to use as personnel data for employees whose disciplinary statute of limitations was completed for drunk driving. Isn’t that the purpose of giving disadvantages? Do not reduce the punishment of employees,’ and in the SR audit, ‘take action according to the employment rules for those who have committed drunk driving offenses and have not been disciplined.'”

Choi Jae-hae, Director of Audit and Inspection: “Hmm…” 

Rep. Lee said, “On the outside, he talked like a knife about drunk driving, but inside, he doesn’t seem to have a problem with his drunk driving history.” With the rapid promotion of Byrne, I am now in charge of inspecting drunk driving behavior of public officials. Please think about how it will look.” Director of Audit and Inspection Choi explained, “The Special Assistance Director is not the only employee driving drunk…”

Rep. Lee also asked, “If it is an issue whether the Board of Audit and Inspection has preferential treatment for personnel, who will be audited?” In response to Director Choi’s answer, “It can be done on its own…”, Rep. Lee asked back, “The Board of Audit and Inspection itself? It’s self-audit.” Choi added, “If there is a problem, please point it out,” adding, “I think we are doing it strictly in our own way.” 

Director Kim Sook-dong, who was promoted to deputy director (Director 1 of the Special Investigation Bureau) in August 2022, was seen as the head of the Special Investigation Bureau on July 12 this year, drawing attention as ‘the fastest promotion to Director’. He conducted an audit of the Wolseong nuclear power plant with Secretary General Yoo Byung-ho, and led an audit of the murder of a public official in the West Sea and the statistics of major countries in the Moon Jae-in government when he was a deputy director. In a press release related to Director Kim’s personnel affairs, the Board of Audit and Inspection praised that “the objective and substantial truth of the murder of a public official in the West Sea was identified, and the reliability of statistics was induced by improving the accuracy of national statistics.”

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