Lee Kang-in, ‘La Liga and WC premium attached’, EPL transfer countdown? ‘Great love call’

‘Golden Boy’ Lee Kang-in (22, Mallorca) is paying a lot of attention to his next destination.

Spanish media ‘Ultima Ora’ said on the 20th (Korean time), “Lee Kang-in, who joined Mallorca for free from Valencia, is expected to leave the upcoming summer team.” It has sparked interest from a number of clubs, including Aston Villa. His buyout is 18 million euros (approximately 26.1 billion won),” he said. 

Lee Kang-in, who prematurely terminated his contract with Valencia in 2021 and moved the stage to Mallorca, is flying under the managerial system of Javier Aguire this season. He is constantly stirring up the ground with his strength and ability to press and kick. 

Lee Kang-in, who played in 28 Spanish La Liga games in the 2022-2023 season, is recording 3 goals and 5 assists. He plays as the main midfielder. He was also selected for the Korean soccer team, which had been away for a while, and went to the Qatar World Cup, which ended last December. A member of the Round of 16.

Regarding the fact that Mallorca recruited Lee Kang-in without a transfer fee in the past, ‘Ultima Ora’ predicted, “This transaction will go smoothly because it is Lee Kang-in’s transfer that will bring financial benefits.”

Even in the transfer market last winter, Lee Kang-in’s transfer trend was detected. However, the club, concerned about the vacancy of Lee Kang-in, who is responsible for creating the team’s offense, let him remain. 

Although the transfer failed once, there was no shake in Lee Kang-in’s performance. In particular, against Celta Vigo on the 18th, he played full-time and was selected as the best player in the match. He recorded 9 successful dribbles and 4 chances created, the most of both teams, and also shot 2 times. 

According to Opta, a football statistics company, Lee Kang-in’s 9 successful dribbles against Celta Vigo is the first (club history) record in about 13 years and 4 months since Gonzalo Castro recorded the same record against Osasuna in December 2009.

‘Ultima Aura’ introduced Lee Kang-in’s performance and explained, “When the season is over, Lee Kang-in will make one of the great transfers in the Spanish league.” 

It is said that Aston Villa is not the only club sending love calls to Lee Kang-in. 

British media ‘West Ham Zone’ said on the 20th, “West Ham will spare no expense to recruit Lee Kang-in this summer.”온라인카지노

He added, “Lee Kang-in has played in all 4 Qatar World Cup matches and has highlighted his qualities.” . 

Lee Kang-in has a contract with Mallorca until June 2025. This summer is the best time for Mallorca to sell Lee Kang-in, who has risen as soon as the ransom price rises.

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