Lee Jae-myeong, who is controversial about using thermos while commuting to work… 與 “Stop wellness fasting”

There is continued criticism from some quarters of the ruling party over the indefinite fast of Lee Jae-myung, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea. In particular, the method of protesting for 12 hours a day is being mocked as ‘commuting fasting’, and even doubts are being raised about what the contents of the thermos are.

Park Dae-chul, chairman of the People Power Party’s policy committee, said on Facebook on the 3rd, “They say diabetes can’t last even 2-3 days if you fast properly, but (Representative Lee’s) voice as he held the microphone for the condemnation rally was loud.” He added, “I wonder if he has great mental strength or if the content is “You don’t know if it’s the power of the unknown tumbler and teaspoon,” he pointed out.

Inside the protest site, Representative Lee placed a food container on his desk and ate something with a teaspoon or drank liquid from a thermos bottle several times. Regarding this, some supporters of the ruling party poured out sarcasm, saying, “Isn’t there something like bone broth in the tumbler?” and “I’m fasting while taking care of my health.” The Democratic Party explained that the thermos contains hot water and the food container contains salt.

Policy Committee Chairman Park said, “It is a three-nothing fast 메이저사이트without justification, unexpected, and unprincipled that raises eyebrows even within the party,” and criticized, “It claims to be a ‘people’s struggle,’ but it is nothing more than a regression to a ‘people’s struggle.’” He continued, “On the third day of the last regular session of the 21st National Assembly, the work to be done is piling up like a mountain,” and emphasized, “The place the opposition party should pay attention to now is the conference hall, not the party representative’s fasting tent.”

In a commentary on the day, floor spokesperson Jang Dong-hyuk referred to Representative Lee’s statement that ‘historical regression and destruction of democracy must be prevented’ and said, “If the people hear it, they will regress history with bulletproof fasts for ‘dangkang or threats’ and destroy democracy with ‘fake news incitement rallies.’ He pointed out, “It’s actually something to click your tongue and ask who is destroying .”

He said, “After finishing the rally, Representative Lee returned to the National Assembly and took his place at the hunger strike.” He pointed out, “It is the ‘commuting fast that goes back and forth’ that (Democratic Party) Supreme Council member Chung Cheong-rae so ridiculed.”

He continued, “It is said that the ‘sympathy theory’ and ‘rejection of the arrest motion’, which were already targeted, have also started a military firestorm within the Democratic Party, so I hope that commuting and fasting for well-being will stop at this point.” He added, “That is the most basic start to prevent historical regression or destruction of democracy.” He emphasized.

Representative Lee’s sit-in protest will be held from 10 am to 10 pm, and he will rest in the party representative’s office at the National Assembly headquarters for the remaining 12 hours. When an opposition leader goes on a hunger strike, it is common for him to remain there for the entire time, but some point out that such a hunger strike is unprecedented.

Spokesperson Kim Ye-ryeong said in a commentary, “If you are fasting to and from work under the pretext of security, you can even imagine that sushi may be delivered to Representative Lee, who sleeps somewhere in the main building of the National Assembly (related to suspicions about the corporate card order of Representative Lee’s wife, Kim Hye-kyung). “He sarcastically said.

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