Lee Jae-myeong, ’19th day of fasting’, was eventually taken to the hospital due to deteriorating health… “Mental confusion”

Lee Jae-myeong, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, whose health deteriorated due to fasting for 19 days, was finally taken to the hospital on the morning of the 18th.

Representative Lee, who had been fasting while demanding reform of government administration and a complete cabinet reshuffle, was transported to the nearby St. Mary’s Hospital in Yeouido in an ambulance called by the Democratic Party this morning.

According to the Democratic Party, Representative Lee was almost unconscious this morning as his blood sugar level dropped rapidly.

In a message sent to reporters, the party said, “He showed symptoms such as dehydration and was in a state of confusion.”

Upon arriving at the hospital, CEO Lee received emergency measures, including administration of saline solution.

Chief Spokesperson Kwon Chil-seung met with reporters at the hospital and said, “The medical staff’s opinion is that physical function has significantly decreased due to fasting.”

When asked if he had the intention to continue his fast, Chief Spokesperson Kwon said, “He has not expressed his intention to stop his fast.”

After receiving emergency treatment, CEO Lee was moved to Green Hospital in Jungnang-gu, Seoul at around 9:35 am. Representative Lee plans to receive recovery treatment here.

At a press conference for the first anniversary of his inauguration held at the National Assembly on the morning of the 31st of last month, Representative Lee said, “As a citizen, I will begin a ‘national resistance’ against the incompetent and violent regime,” and “As a last resort, I will begin an indefinite fast from today.” I immediately started fasting.

Representative Lee’s health has deteriorated rapidly since he moved to the party representative’s office in the main office on the 13th of this month.

Although party figures as well as civil society elders visited him one after another to dissuade him from fasting, Representative Lee continued his fast without giving up his hunger.

The party leadership called the 119 ambulance in front of the National바카라Assembly headquarters at around 3:15 pm the previous day. This was a measure based on the judgment of the medical staff in charge that ‘he must be hospitalized quickly.’

Next, top committee members and key party officials entered the representative’s office where the hunger strike was held and informed Representative Lee of the need for hospitalization.

119 Paramedics even went in with a stretcher.

However, Representative Lee stubbornly refused to stop his fast or be admitted to the hospital.

The Democratic Party held a general meeting of members on the 16th and resolved to have Representative Lee break his fast.

Kim Ki-hyun, leader of the People Power Party, also said on Facebook, “We respectfully request an end to the fast,” and added, “As soon as we recover our health, let’s hold a meeting between the ruling and opposition parties and fiercely discuss the people’s livelihood.”

The next day, following the judgment of the medical staff in charge that ‘he must be hospitalized quickly,’ top committee members and key party officials strongly recommended that Representative Lee be hospitalized and even called 119 paramedics. However, Representative Lee stubbornly refused to stop fasting or even be hospitalized.

After Representative Lee was evacuated, party leaders, including floor leader Park Gwang-on, chief of staff Cheon Jun-ho, Secretary-General Cho Jung-sik, and Supreme Council members Park Chan-dae and Seo Eun-sook, also headed to Yeouido St. Mary’s Hospital.

They returned to the National Assembly and held a closed Supreme Council meeting to share Representative Lee’s health status and discuss follow-up measures.

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