Lee Hae-in and Cha Jun-hwan perform passionately at the Japanese gala show ‘Dream on Ice’

Lee Hae-in and Cha Jun-hwan captivated Japan’s gala show ‘Dream on Ice’.

On the 1st, at the 2023 Dream on Ice performance held at KOSE Shin-Yokohama Skate Center in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, Cha Jun-hwan and Lee Hae-in were invited as guests and finished the performance.

In the performance that day, Cha Jun-hwan digested a program consisting of step sequences and jumps modeled after moonwalks to the music of Michael Jackson, the king of pop (Michael Jackson Medley).

In particular, the choreography presented along with the music of ‘Billie Jean’ drew enthusiastic support from the audience.

Lee Hae-in, who appeared as a guest together안전놀이터, also showed off a wonderful performance.

In the morning performance, Lee Hae-in presented a new performance, GRAVITY, and in the evening performance, a different side could be seen.

Lee Hae-in started the performance by saying, “Last season was difficult, but I was able to show a good image because I worked hard until the end. I will show you how to skate happily this season. Today’s program will show you a new gala, Blackpink’s Pink Venom.” did.

Lee Hae-in’s performance focused on choreography rather than skating, and Lee Hae-in, who captured attention with his hand movements rather than jumps and spins, expressed his gratitude by sending hearts to the audience after his passionate performance.

After the performance, Lee Hae-in said, “This was my first overseas ice show. I was happy to spend a good time with good people in a new place.”

He also added the determination, “I want to develop further with this ice show as an opportunity. I will work hard so that I can be invited to more ice shows.”

On the other hand, Dream on Ice finished the 3-day long journey on the last 2 days.

As for the performers, players from the Japanese national team, such as Kaori Sakamoto, who represents Japanese figure skating since Yuzuru Hanu, Koshiro Shimada, and Kazuki Tomono, decorated the stage together.

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