Kwon Ah-sol was furious… “Take the money, don’t lose weight”

With 6 days left before the final match, attention is focusing on whether Kwon Ah-sol (36, FREE) will be able to complete the best condition and pass the weigh-in.

Kwon Ah-sol will go to Goobne ROAD FC 062 held at the Swiss Grand Hotel Seoul in Hongeun-dong from 4:00 pm on the 18th.

Kwon Ah-sol had a revenge match with Koji Nakamura (37, pancrase osaka inagakigumi), who had made him taste the bitter taste of defeat nine years ago.

As Koji Nakamura requested a special contract, Kwon Ah-sol’s weight began to draw a lot of attention. The requirements are that Kwon A-sol will not compete if he fails to weigh in, and that 50% of Kwon A-sol’s fight money be paid to him.

Koji Nakamura said, “(Kwon) Asol over weighed in the last fight and in the recent match, so I decided, ‘If you don’t ask for that much, you won’t lose weight.'”

He added, “Anyway, if I sign a contract under this condition, I believe that ‘the game will be lost and it will be a nuisance to you, so (Kwon) Asol will desperately drop the weight.’” 토토

Referring to Kwon Ah-sol’s failure to weigh in, Nakamura Koji asked for contract terms. Kwon Ah-sol could not hide his embarrassment at the contract details that Road FC had no business with.

Kwon Ah-sol said, “If you look at his face, he looks mean. He plays as he looks,” he said, “He’s not losing weight XXX. Take the money to get it. I’m not losing weight,” he said in anger.

From 1 pm on the 17th, the day before the opening of Goobne ROAD FC 062, the official weigh-in and press conference will be broadcast live on ‘Gao Hyung Life’, the personal YouTube channel of Road FC President Moon-Hong Chung. Also, Goobne ROAD FC 062 will be broadcast on SPOTV, Afreeca TV, Daum Sports, and Kakao TV from 4:00 pm on the 18th.

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