KLPGA Rookie Shin-Sil Bang, hit 300 yards long and 4 putts 3 meters away

Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour rookie Bang Shin-sil is exuding a strong presence to the fans in her debut match.

Bang Shin-sil hit an even par 72 in the second round of the Chris F&C KLPGA Championship, the first major tournament of the season on the KLPGA Tour, held at the Lakewood Country Club Mountain Road and Forest Course (par 72) in Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 28th.

Bang Shin-sil scored a half-way total of 5 under par, 139 strokes, and turned around the halfway point with a tie for 5th place, two strokes behind the leader Park Gyeol (7 under par, 137 strokes).

For Shinsil Bang, a rookie who joined the KLPGA Tour this season, this tournament is her first appearance on the KLPGA Tour.

Bang Sin-sil, who ranked only 40th in the seed match last year, got a chance to participate starting from this tournament, when the number of players increased to 132 as the daylight hours increased.

This was her first regular tour event in her professional capacity and a major event.

Bang Shin-sil hit a 5-under-par 67 in the first round to take the joint lead, and kept the lead in the second round, predicting a ‘rookie blast’.

Bang Sin-sil’s score is also a score, but her game contents were not lacking to catch the attention of fans.

Bang Shin-sil, who performed five consecutive birdie shows on the first day, hit long hits that exceeded 290 yards three times that day.

Bang Sin-sil, who started the game on the 10th hole, hit a tee shot with a driver on the 13th hole (par 4, 416 yards), and the ball flew 295.4 yards and landed on the fairway.

With 141 yards left, I lightly attached it to the side of the pin 5m and caught a birdie.

Bang Shin-sil hit 297.4 yards on hole 13 (par 5, 545 yards). The two-on ball fell into the bunker and was not properly recovered, so I wrote down the view, but the galleries watching could not keep their mouths shut.

In the 6th hole (par 4, 347 yards), the tee shot, which was aimed at one-on, landed at the entrance of the green. The measured distance reached a whopping 308 yards.

It was regrettable that such a long hit did not lead to a birdie because he was not good at the short game yet.

Bang Shin-sil said, “I wasn’t originally a standout long hitter, but during winter training, I trained a lot to hit long hits and increased my length by more than 15m.”

Bang Shin-sil, who is 173 cm tall and has a confident physique, laughed, saying, “I hit about 270 yards easily, but today I went far for some reason.”

What fascinated the viewer as much as such an enormous long hit was his amazing resilience.

On the first day, Bang Sin-sil, who recorded a 3-putt bogey on hole 1 (par 4) and a double bogey by dropping a tee shot into the water on hole 2 (par 3), eventually pulled out 8 birdies, including a birdie on 5 consecutive holes at the end. I made up for the number of strokes I lost.

In the second round that started on the 10th hole, Bang Shin-sil made up for the bogey on the 12th hole (par 3) with a birdie on the 13th hole (par 4), and the bogey on the 15th hole (par 5) with consecutive birdies on the 16th and 17th holes. recovered.

In hole 9 (par 4), Bang Shin-sil missed a 3m birdie putt, then failed to put a one-step par putt and a bogey putt in succession.

Bang Sin-sil, who wrote down an unexpected double bogey, caught 1 birdie in the remaining 9 holes and blocked the remaining holes with pars. 크크크벳

Bang Sin-sil, who finished the game, said, “My eyes went white. My heart still hurts,” but “I quickly forgot about it and tried to focus on the next hole.”

Bang fainting took first place in the representative selection round of the Hangzhou Asian Games last year. However, with the Hangzhou Asian Games postponed, he could no longer put off his professional turn and gave up his Asian Games appearances.

Bang Shin-sil said, “I regretfully gave up my dream of winning the Asian Games gold medal, but I will be rewarded with many victories on the professional stage.”

Bang Shin-sil, who competed for the title in his debut game, said, “I will try to show my best performance for the remaining two days without being greedy.”

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