‘King’s ransom of 27.7 billion won is too expensive’ → Withdrawal of the most influential ATM → Lee Kang-in’s transfer ‘in place’ due to greed for money in Mallorca

Atlético Madrid (ATM), which strongly wanted to sign Lee Kang-in from Mallorca, Spain, withdrew. It is said that the recruitment of Lee Kang-in was withdrawn.

On the night of the 12th, Spanish media such as Lelevo reported the failure of Lee Kang-in’s ATM transfer as news. Lelevo said, “Lee Kang-in will not sign a contract with ATM. Transfer negotiations have broken down.” This is unexpected news because it is the ATM that has been most active in recruiting Lee Kang-in.

The media says that Lee Kang-in will not transfer to ATM unless an unexpected situation arises.

This is really surprising and shocking news. ATM has been aiming for Lee Kang-in since the winter transfer market in January. After the first round of cancellation, ATM accelerated the recruitment of Lee Kang-yi again from last May. Regarding Lee Kang-in, whose transfer fee skyrocketed, he even offered to put a player in because he was short of money.

In particular, ATM offered 10 million euros (approximately 14 billion won) in buyout costs and new players such as Giuliano Simeone and Riquelme, the director’s son, but withdrew the recruitment.

According to Lelevo’s explanation, ATM and Mallorca continued to negotiate over Lee Kang-in’s transfer. In particular, it is said that negotiations have progressed rapidly since the confrontation between the two teams held at the ATM home stadium in April. And at the end of the season, both sides continued negotiations for Lee Kang-in’s transfer, but they broke down because they failed to meet the two sides. It is known that Mallorca wanted the transfer fee Edda Riquelme, but the club proposed the manager’s son and could not reach an agreement.

El Gold Digital, another media outlet, also reported that “ATM, which had been negotiating for the recruitment of Lee Kang-in for the past few months, has decided not to pursue the recruitment of Lee Kang-in anymore.”

According to the media report, ATM found a better player at a lower price. The media analyzed that ATM did not want to pay Lee Kang-in’s transfer cost of 20 million euros (about 27.7 billion won) because it was too expensive.메이저사이트

And Lee Kang-in was asked to play in the right wing position at ATM, but it was reported that he refused. ATM says it will recruit Chuqueze as a right-sided striker instead of Lee Kang-in for reasons such as high price and position. Of course, the press predicts that it will not be easy to sign because even Villarreal has set the transfer fee high for Chuqueze.

Meanwhile, Lee Kang-in’s buyout cost has risen significantly from last season. Recently, a leading Spanish newspaper said that Lee Kang-in’s buyout cost was at least 25 million euros (approximately 34.8 billion won). The club is said to want 30 million euros (approximately 41.8 billion won).

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