Kim Hyeon-guk, head coach of Kyung Hee University, who won a valuable victory, “I have a lot of regrets, but I am satisfied with the victory”

Kyunghee University struggled to beat Dankook University.

Kyunghee University won 65-57 in the match against Dankook University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at Kyunghee University Seonseunggwan on the 3rd. Kyung Hee’s season record was 3 wins and 5 losses.

On this day, Kyung Hee University started off badly. This is because the opponent’s defense failed to score consecutively. However, Woo Sang-hyun opened the way to score. In addition, Lee Seung-gu’s goal was added to widen the score gap. In particular, he controlled the opponent’s attack with a strong defense. As a result, only 27 runs were allowed in the first half.

In the middle of the game, there was a crisis as he could not control Lee Doo-ho. However, the defense succeeded in a series of important successes. In addition, Ahn Se-joon scored from under the goal and Lee Seung-gu scored from the outside to liven up the team atmosphere. In the fourth quarter, Ahn Se-joon and Lee Seung-gu scored consecutively at the beginning of the quarter to widen the score gap. Kyung Hee University, which kept the remaining time, won a valuable victory.

Kyunghee University coach Kim Hyeon-guk, whom we met after the game, said, “I am grateful to the players who worked hard to win. He’s thankful he didn’t concede to his opponent. During the process, the coaches also contributed greatly,” he said, expressing his feelings of victory.

I won, but I couldn’t help but laugh. While struggling against the opponent’s defense, Kyung Hee committed 20 errors, and also gave away 18 offensive rebounds to the opponent.

That’s why coach Kim said, “It’s a game with a lot of regrets. (Laughter) But I am satisfied with the victory.”

On this day, Kyung Hee University was pushed back 3-8. In response, coach Kim called for an early operation time and later took the lead through an outside shot. When asked about the situation at the time, he emphasized, “Before the game, we must win. Because of that, I felt more nervous and pushed back in the battle of momentum. So he said that it would be nice to play basketball with leisure time during operation time. And because of the zone defense, I told them to spread it through the middle to both sides.”

The game was decided by free throws for both teams.크크크벳 Kyung Hee University made a successful free throw from a team foul. Conversely, Dankook University failed to take advantage of the free throw opportunity. Kyung Hee University had the upper hand in concentration. When he mentioned this, “Our team is in last place in all free throws. I practiced a lot, but the success rate was not good. However, I knew that today’s game is a game that the players must win. So I think I shot with more concentration,” he praised the players’ concentration.

Kyung Hee University, who won the match, recorded three victories. The key is the upcoming match between Chosun University and Hanyang University. Coach Kim said, “The upcoming two games are important. You have to win and get a 50% win rate. Only then will the chances of the playoffs increase.”

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