“Killing 20 people at Jamsil Station” Another knife strike notice after Ori and Seohyeon

After the murder with a weapon at Sillim Station in Seoul, while a similar crime occurred on the 3rd near Seohyeon Station in Bundang, Gyeonggi-do, a series of 안전놀이터knife-killing murder notices were posted online, raising concerns. This time, there was also a post saying that they would stage a riot with a weapon at Jamsil Station in Seoul.

At around 7:02 pm on the 3rd, on the online community DC Inside, a post titled ‘Tomorrow (4th) morning at Jamsil Station will reduce 20 people’ was posted. The writer even wrote, “Could someone like you really stop my sword fighting?”

A netizen who came across the article captured it and reported it to 112 at 7:46 pm, saying, “I found a notice on the Internet that I will kill at Jamsil Station and report it.” It is known that the notice of the sword strike has now been deleted.

Previously, on the Telegram, at around 6:42 pm on the same day, the ‘Duck Station Murder Trailer’ was posted. Along with a picture of the weapon, the author said, “I will fight with a knife near Ori Station between 6 and 10 pm on Friday the 4th. I have no desire to live anymore, I will kill as many people as I can and even kill the cops. The reason it’s called Ori Station is because my ex-girlfriend lives nearby. I hope someone you know is dead.”

There was also a message saying that there would be another weapon riot at Seohyeon Station. The post attached a picture of the weapon and wrote, “I’m going to stab 20 Hannam (Korean men) on Friday at Seohyeon Station.” Regarding the two crime notices at Ori Station and Seohyeon Station, a number of reports have been received by the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency. The police deployed riot police, patrol cars, and police riot police vehicles around Ori Station and Seohyeon Station, and began tracking the post’s publisher.

The knife-killing murder trailer has been on the rise since the Sillim Station weapon riot last month. On the 24th of last month, Mr. Lee, a man in his 20s who posted a message saying “I will kill 20 women at Sillim Station” and a screenshot of purchasing a weapon online, was arrested and sent to the prosecution on the 2nd. A man in his 30s who posted on the 25th of last month, “I will rape and murder women in the Sillim Station area,” was also charged with threatening.

Meanwhile, the weapon riot that occurred at a department store near Seohyeon Station that day occurred 13 days after the Sillim Station incident. At around 5:59 pm on the 3rd, at AK Plaza, Seohyeon Station, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, suspect Choi (22), a delivery service worker, drove a vehicle and hit passers-by, then brandished a weapon on the first and second floors of a department store.

So far, a total of 14 people have been identified as injured, including five victims who were hit by a vehicle and nine who were stabbed with a weapon. Twelve out of 14 were classified as seriously injured, and one of the traffic accident victims, a woman in her 60s, is known to be in critical condition.

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