KCC formed the Big 4, ‘Light and Salt’ Chang-Young Jung should not be forgotten either

Basketball fans are very interested in the ‘Big 4’ of Jeonju KCC. Ahead of last season, KCC attracted special attention by recruiting ‘KBL Idol’ Heo Woong (30‧185cm) and ‘Boss Tiger’ Lee Seung-hyun (31‧197cm) in the FA market at the same time. Heo Woong and Lee Seung-hyun were both the leading stars of a team, so it was hard to imagine bringing them in at once, no matter how big.

KCC, a team that is serious about basketball,스포츠토토 has done the difficult thing. However, the results did not come out as expected. This is because it was not easy to use the full strength of the two in a state where there are many weaknesses that have not yet been filled, such as a thin player base, balance by position, and problems with foreign players. KCC was not aware of this either. KCC kept their eyes away from the moment they brought Heo Woong and Lee Seung-hyun.

Rather than be greedy for the championship right away, they decided to bet on the game after the return of Song Gyo-chang (27‧201.3cm), the franchise star ‘Prince of Jeonju’, who is serving in the military. A combination of Heo Ung, Song Gyo-chang, and Lee Seung-hyeon is a composition that is enough to aim for the championship. But there are variables. As can be seen from the saying, ‘It is the best FA market ever’, a number of candidates such as KT and LG emerged while each team was more active than ever to reinforce their strength during the off-season.

In particular, SK, the runner-up in this season’s championship match, has upgraded its power even more as Ahn Young-jun returned from military service to the existing lineup of Kim Seon-hyeong, Heo Il-young, Choi Bu-kyung, and Jamil Warney. SK’s reinforcement did not stop there. KGC’s representative star and Korea’s best native big man, Oh Se-geun, who fought for the championship, was brought in to create a so-called ‘super team’.

KCC couldn’t stand still either. Not only did he recruit Lee Ho-hyeon (30‧182cm), who will strengthen the guards, but he also showed an unprecedented move by bringing in one of the biggest players, Choi Jun-yong (29‧200.2cm), the ‘Jun Dragon’. They did not seem to care at all about problems that hindered the recruitment of high-income workers, such as the salary cap and luxury tax. It is an evaluation that properly proved why KCC is the best big hand in the league. Fans are keeping their eyes on KCC and SK, even writing the expression, ‘The KBL version of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid’.

After the recruitment of Choi Jun-yong, KCC’s native lineup is called the Big 4, tied with Song Gyo-chang, Heo Ung, and Lee Seung-hyun. That’s how much weight the four players give, but there is one player you shouldn’t forget, none other than Chung Chang-young (35‧193cm), an all-weather blue walker who is called ‘the light and salt of KCC’ among fans. 

Jeong Chang-yeong is called the housekeeper of the Aegis ship following Seung-gyun Choo and Byeong-hyeon Kang. He is a player who has been consistently regarded as a constant in recent seasons at KCC, where there are many variables. Chang-young Jung’s greatest strength is that he silently fulfills his role no matter what role he is entrusted with. The position that suits him best is number 2, but with his unique versatility, he has filled the hole by running back and forth from 1 to 3 in all weathers.

He has shown above-average skills in all areas, including reading, passing and scoring, as well as rebounding and hustling. He didn’t get a lot of attention before the season, but when the season starts, he takes an active role in all directions to the point that people say, ‘How can I play the season without Jeong Chang-young?’ Despite his age, he is recognized as a player who works harder than anyone else and raises the energy level of the Jira team overflowing with fighting spirit.

Even when Lee Jung-hyun and Song Gyo-chang were holding on, Jung Chang-young was nicknamed ‘Sile’ among his teammates. He is short for ‘actual ace’, meaning he is the best player recognized by his teammates. When Lee Jeong-hyeon was playing at KCC, he often stuck out his thumb and praised Chang-young Jeong until his lips touched. It is also true that the best partner for a technician with good scoring skills is a housekeeper who is good at dirty work, and Jung Chang-young was a model for that type of player.

When he joined KCC after obtaining FA qualification in 2019, there were not many people who expected Chung Chang-young to be active to this extent. In his former team, he showed talent, but had a strong clumsy image that did not stand out in either offense or defense. His frequent injuries also hindered his growth. However, in KCC, he has been reborn as a player who boasts more stable performance than anyone else, let alone ups and downs in the significantly increased business trip time.

In addition to solid starters, the strength of the bench members is also important to achieve good results in his long-term regular league races. Since various variables such as injuries and physical problems can occur, a team with strong backups to support them can produce good results. The same goes for KCC. The presence of the Big 4 is great, but support shooting from the bench is essential to compete at the top against rival teams.

In that respect, Chung Chang-young, who will start off the bench, can become more powerful. He’s versatile, has a high energy level, and is even skilled, so he’s very versatile. The mere fact that Jung Chang-yeong, who is practically a starting player, is enduring on the bench can change the performance of KCC. This is the reason why attention is focused on whether Jung Chang-young will be able to join the team in the next season as well, while the issue of compensation money and compensation players that arose in the process of bringing in Choi Jun-yong remains unresolved.

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