Jo Jin-woong, who brought the remains of Hong Beom-do, “Are we proud? It’s so absurd, we can only laugh.”

Regarding the government’s recent removal of the bust of General Hong Beom-do, actor Cho Jin-woong said, “It is so miserable to even answer the question.”

In an interview with News Tomato reported on the 11th, Cho Jin-woong said, “When a person expresses an opinion or thought about a certain situation, or when it becomes a topic of conversation due to a question, doubt, or controversy, the topic must be accurate and universally valid.” “However, this (controversy surrounding General Hong Beom-do) situation does not fall within the scope of logical standards in the normal category,” he said.

Cho Jin-woong said, “To those who raised questions, have you truly understood the great intentions of our ancestors who risked their lives to build this country?” and “Are we confident in this land that we risked our lives to protect? This kind of emotional appeal is… “Is this the right town for this time?” he asked.

He continued, “I won’t be heartbroken, I won’t hit the bare ground with my fist, I won’t drink and lament,” and “I’ll just laugh. I’ll laugh because it’s ridiculous. I’ll laugh so hard (laughter and sad) that I can’t raise my head.” reported.

Cho Jin-woong participated as a national special envoy메이저사이트 in the repatriation of General Hong Beom-do’s remains to Korea in 2021, and the process was revealed in the KBS1 documentary ‘National Special Envoy Cho Jin-woong Brings General Hong Beom-do.’ In the documentary, Cho Jin-woong looked around ‘Hong Beom-do Street’ in Kazakhstan, where General Hong stayed, and the Koryo Theater, where General Hong spent his later years while working as a janitor.

Previously, Cho Jin-woong played an independence fighter in ‘Assassination’ and ‘Captain Kim Chang-su’, and through this, he was appointed as a public relations ambassador for the Shinheung Military Academy Memorial Association.

The Military Academy decided to move only the bust of General Hong Beom-do to the Independence Hall of the six busts of independence activists installed on campus. It was also announced that the busts of the remaining five people would be relocated to an appropriate location within the Korean Military Academy campus.

Currently, at the entrance to Chungmugwan, a cadet education facility within the Military Academy, there are busts of five people, including Hong Beom-do, Kim Jwa-jin, Ji Cheong-cheon, independence army general Lee Beom-seok, and Lee Hoi-young, the founder of Shinheung Military Academy. Inside Chungmugwan, there is a bust of Park Seung-hwan, an independence activist who committed suicide in anger when the Korean Empire Army was disbanded by the Japanese in 1907 while serving as a battalion commander for demonstrations in the Korean Empire. Regarding the decision by the Military Academy to keep the busts of five people, excluding General Hong, at the Military Academy but to relocate them internally, the government said that although these busts are not related to the communism controversy, installing only busts of independence fighters limited to a specific period in front of the building is problematic in terms of the balance of history education. The position is that it has been determined that there is.

The Democratic Party of Korea defined the move of the bust as a “historical coup” and criticized, “There has never been a regime that insulted and treated an independence hero like this.”

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