Jeon Tae-pung‧Lee Hang-beom “In many ways, Irving is a player I miss”

Even in the trend of changing trends by era, there is a type that is steadily gaining popularity without being divided into likes and dislikes. It never falls out when mentioning splendor, dynamics, and showtime in terms of play style. It is none other than a dribble master. Among them, the so-called artisan level dribblers, who come to mind first when thinking of dribbling, are special among basketball players who can’t dribble, and are the first to appeal to those who have a thick fan base and don’t know much about basketball.토토사이트

Raising his dribbling skills to an unrivaled level in the league and being evaluated as a so-called master level, even the same players often become fans. Dribbling is the most basic of the basic skills, so it doesn’t stand out if you do it well. Even from the outside, it is possible to draw attention only when it is accompanied by impact and consistency to the point where exclamation bursts out.

As of the 1980s, if we were to pick famous dribblers among fans, Detroit Bad Boys head Isaiah Thomas (62‧185cm), killer crossover master Tim Hardaway (57‧183cm), and Alan Iverson, synonymous with short scoring machines ( 48‧183cm), Chris Paul (38‧183cm), who boasted top-notch skills at both pure point guard and dual guard, and Kyrie Irving (31‧187.2cm), whose eccentricity and bad behavior are blocking his career.

As can be seen from the common point of being short, dribbling skill is the most competitive weapon that short players can bring along with shooting ability. It is because you have no choice but to take the guard position, whether you will or not, and if so, the ability to keep and carry the ball is essential. No matter how good other abilities are, short players can never survive in the league of tall players if their ball handling is inexperienced.

The members of Bad Boys, who dominated the league in the late 1980s, had a strong rough and rugged side. The player who instilled a delicate sense of stability here was leader Thomas. Thomas is not big, but he has good speed and athleticism, and in addition, he has dribbling skills that everyone recognizes. He always dribbled the ball low and commanded his teammates, and he was also famous for stealing the opponent’s ball countless times but rarely losing the ball himself.

Hardaway doesn’t have a great career enough to leave his name as an all-time great guard. He was not outmatched by his contemporaneous guards without going all the way. However, even after a long time has passed, there are not a few fans who remember him. It is because he is number 1 who had his own distinct character based on his clear strength of dribbling. Although he was small and chubby, he had a good finish after breaking through based on his flashy yet stable dribbling. In particular, the crossover dribble is evaluated as the highest level of all time as well as at the time.

When mentioning the best dribbler of each era, Iverson’s name is not missing. He is as good a crossover master as Hardaway, and he fooled numerous defenders with his dribbling skills as if he were one with the ball. Even ‘Basketball Emperor’ Michael Jordan once stuck out his tongue after being hit by Iverson’s dribble. The scary thing about Iverson’s dribbling is the fact that he had better skills and shooting ability and linked play than anyone else. It looks splendid, but in reality, it was evaluated that it was virtually impossible to block it properly when he made up his mind and drove the ball in because speed, change of direction, and feint motion were melted into his dribbling skill, which was more focused on stalling.

So, who is the best dribble master of the present era? Nine out of ten people, both at home and abroad, pick Lee. That’s Kyrie Irving.

Lee Hang-beom (42‧168cm), president of JBJ Basketball Club, said, “I was a fan of the NBA in the 1990s, so I still have fantasies about the legends of the past. If it’s similar, do you feel like the players at the time did better? But Irving is different. No matter who you bring, I wonder if there is anyone who can put Irving on top of the dribble. In the case of Iverson, the crossover that shook the opponent’s center in an instant with a bouncing rhythmic dribble was excellent. Above all, I remember that the link between dribbling and breaking through and dribbling and shooting was very good. On the other hand, Irving’s other plays are good, but his dribbling itself is amazing. It is amazing how he can continue his dribbling so low and flexible. I want to express it as a dribble that flows naturally like water,” he said, pouring out high praise for Irving.

Representative Lee, who is famous for being the shortest nominee in KBL history, had to fight with regret about his size throughout playing basketball. Since his physical condition was far below average, not just small, he had to create his own basketball in order to overcome these and other limitations and prejudices. Even now, he is confident in his dribble. Even CEO Lee praised him highly, saying, ‘If you look at Irving’s dribbling, you feel as if you are from a completely different world on a different level.’

Jeon Tae-pung (43‧179cm), who is indispensable for KBL standard dribbling skills, also exclaimed as soon as the topic of Irving came out.

“I like Jimmy Butler’s fighting spirit and backstory, and Stephen Curry’s amazing control of the game. But he personally likes Irving the most. Irving is a magician. The level of dribbling is different. It is one with the body. Compared to Irving dribble, I feel like I can’t do it when I see other players. That’s why Irving is a special dribbler. The space is tight. A lot of defense. It doesn’t matter though. Irving just goes in, dribbling low with both hands. I can’t take it away. The ball sticks to the floor. No explanation needed. Thumbs up”

Nevertheless, Irving is evaluated as lacking in career or titles compared to his skills. This is because there are many incidents outside of the game and he is not solely focused on basketball. In that respect, both Lee Hang-beom and Jeon Tae-pung feel regretful. Jeon Tae-pung was convinced, “If Irving had the mentality and attitude of a Butler, he would have succeeded Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant.” I wish I had,” he said.

Irving, who moved to the Dallas Mavericks from the Brooklyn Nets last season, is currently a free agent. However, his popularity is not high compared to his name value. It is because he is difficult to use and it is questionable whether he will run steadily throughout his contract period. No matter how much he shouts ‘I’ve changed’, the image of a shepherd boy he has built up over the years is too big. He is a depressing cross-section of all-time great dribblers.

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