“Japan’s 9th to 11th place” harsh criticism, V-League champion Korean Air missing the starting lineup and bruising pride

Korean Air, which lacked a large number of key players, could not overcome Japan’s wall.

On the 18th (local time),토토사이트 Korean Air suffered a set score 0-3 (21-25 19-25 19-25) to Santory in the quarterfinal group stage of the tournament held at Isa Sports City Stadium in Manama, Bahrain.

With the defeat, Korean Air failed to advance to the quarterfinals. Korean Air, who lost 1-3 to Bayangkara, Jakarta, Indonesia in the previous group stage, suffered two defeats. Jakarta Byangkara, who belonged to the same group in the quarterfinals, won 3-0 against Bayanghongor of Mongolia on the same day. Even if Korean Air wins Bayanghongor on the 19th and records 1 win and 2 losses, it will not be able to advance to the next round due to Santory and Jakarta, which have already secured 2 wins.

Korean Air participated in the tournament without key players such as setter Han Seon-seon, foreign player Lincoln, and middle blocker Kim Gyu-min.

On the other hand, Suntory had a world-class gun named Dmitry Mushalsky. Mushalski led the team to victory by scoring 15 points (attack success rate 59%), including 1 block and 1 serve ace.

What hurts more than defeat is Muchhalski’s remarks. “To be honest, Korean Air ranks 9th to 11th in the Japanese league,” he said. There are only 10 teams in the Japanese league. It can be seen as a criticism that the power is so weak that it is rare to see it at the bottom or in the league.

Korean Air was the team that won the V-League last season. It is an absolute powerhouse that has stood at the top in all cup competitions, regular leagues, and championship matches. No matter how many key players have been left out, receiving such an evaluation is not welcome in the V-League.

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