“It must have been through failure and enlightenment”…The super sub at the heart of Sutton Ball, every moment is precious and earnest

“Isn’t it because I failed and gained enlightenment?”

Infielder Park Seung-wook (31),메이저놀이터 who is in his second year at the Lotte Giants, plays the role of a ‘super sub’ that is indispensable for the current team. Although he is not the main player, he plays the role of a utility player who can cover all positions in the infield, and the impact is strong at every moment. He reliably supports his team with solid defense, diligent base running, and one-hit hits like Altoran at the right place. He is the best person to realize Larry Sutton’s small ball.

Park Seung-wook’s season performance is showing off his great productivity with an OPS of .922 with 4 RBIs, 6 runs scored and 2 stolen bases in 25 games with a batting average of 307.01 (13 hits in 35 at-bats). In particular, 30% of his total plate appearances (40 plate appearances) were in scoring position (12 plate appearances), and he is not missing any scoring opportunities. His scoring position was a batting average of 50% (5 hits in 10 at-bats), 3 RBIs and 2 walks. Despite being a backup player, the WAR (contribution to victory against substitute players) tallied by ‘Sports to I’ is 0.58, which is 4th in the team. That’s why the contribution to the team is extraordinary.

In the 1st place match against SSG Landers, where the team rose again to the lead, Park Seung-wook replaced Han Dong-hee as the 8th third baseman and was actively involved in the team’s scoring. He stepped up as the leadoff batter in the fifth inning when the lead was 2-1, and created an opportunity by pulling off a double that cut through left-center. Afterwards, Yoon Dong-hee’s left-handed hit led to the chance to safely run to first and third base, and Kim Min-seok’s double hit hit home. Scored to run away at 3-1. 

In the 6th inning, he added 1 point with a double steal and ran away to 4-1, and had a chance to score with 2nd base and 2nd base. And while pulling out a left-handed hit, it seemed to call in second base runner Noh Jin-hyuk. However, SSG left fielder Heredia performed an accurate home care without error. One RBI from Park Seung-wook flew.

However, while running away to 6-2 with Noh Jin-hyuk’s two RBI doubles earlier, he regained the RBI he had lost in the 8th inning at bat. He made the score 7-2 with a timely double that crossed the right fielder’s height from 2nd and 2nd base. It was a wedge shot that threw a counter punch in the game. As SSG pursued in the ninth inning, Park Seung-wook’s wedge hit was even more valuable.

Park Seung-wook explained, “It was difficult to change to the swing side. So, when I corrected the timing, it became easier to see the ball, and I think I gained confidence when I saw a good ball.” 

Although he started as a starter on this day, he prepared as a backup in the mid-to-late game and maintained a good sense even after being put in as a substitute. After letting go of his desire to be the lead role and clearly recognizing his role, he set himself up for the role. 

He said, “In fact, the main member of our team was decided. First of all, I quickly recognized the role I would play there and prepared. I thought defense was the most important, so I put a lot of emphasis on defense, and as business trips increased, I had more opportunities at bat and good results. It seems to come out,” he said.
And the experience of failure made Park Seung-wook hard. He said, “I think it’s probably because I failed and gained enlightenment. I felt that I was failing, so I prepared differently, so I think good results come out.” 

In 2012, he joined SK, the predecessor of SSG, was traded to KT, and was released before the 2021 season was over. After receiving the test, he continued his career as a player at Lotte. He had been a promising starting infield resource, but now became a backup, and accepted the role. At the same time, he is making a significant contribution to Lotte’s rise to the top spot.

Fans’ expectations have risen, and their cheering has also risen. He tries to cherish every moment like this. He said, “I think we have the most fans everywhere. The cheering voices on the expedition really gave me goosebumps,” he said. I, too, seem to prepare more because every moment is precious,” he emphasized. 

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