Is President Yoon the body of external pressure? The full story of the Marine Corps investigation team leader’s revelations

hello. This is Son Won-je of <Nonsul>.

Suspicions of external pressure on the investigation into the death안전놀이터 of Corporal Chae in the Marine Corps are rapidly accelerating. In the end, President Yoon Seok-yeol himself was pointed out as the person who exerted external pressure to ‘remove the division commander from suspicion’. This is an argument made by Park Jeong-hoon, former head of the Marine Corps Investigation Team (colonel, later written as leader), who was in charge of the investigation. He revealed that on July 31st, he heard directly from the Marine Corps Commander about the circumstances of President Yoon’s intervention. This was written in a statement submitted when appearing at the military prosecutor’s office on the 28th to be investigated on charges of mutiny.July 31, when this conversation took place, was the day when the Marine Corps Investigation Team was originally scheduled to announce to the press the results of its investigation, charging eight military executives, including the commander of the 1st Marine Division and the brigade commander, with occupational manslaughter for the death of Corporal Chae. However, while Director Park was waiting near the Ministry of Defense for his press briefing, he suddenly said, “The briefing has been cancelled. He returns after receiving orders to “return to the unit.” And then I heard on the phone from the Ministry of Defense legal affairs manager, “Remove all suspects and charges.” Afterwards, the Marine Corps Commander also delivers similar information to Director Park.

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