‘Increased injuries’ MIA, Martin and Zeller in the second game uncertain

Injuries are on the rise in Miami. 

Miami is the biggest hit team in this playoff stage. After barely getting a ticket to the playoffs through the play-in tournament, they laughed at the prospect of early elimination and succeeded in advancing to the finals. This season’s Miami is the second time the eighth-seeded team has advanced to the Finals since New York in 1999. 

Miami played Boston in Game 7 on the stage of the Conference Finals. It was difficult to get the final ticket, but the aftermath of the fierce game is clearly remaining. 

Tyler Hiro suffered a broken finger during the first-round series against Milwaukee and is still out. However, he, who was expected to be out of the season, is open to the possibility of returning thanks to the team’s advance to the finals. A comeback in the third game is likely, and the absence in the second game is likely. 메이저사이트

In addition, Caleb Martin, who made a big contribution to Miami’s advance to the finals, is in an uncertain state due to illness. It is known that Martin did not participate in the team’s recent training. He’s averaging 13.5 points and 5.6 rebounds this playoff and is a must-have for Miami. Cody Zeller, who serves as a backup center, is also undecided whether to play in the second game due to foot pain. 

Miami did a miracle and got the final ticket. However, due to the fierce competition, the number of injuries is gradually increasing. Can Miami, which lost the first game 93-104, overcome difficult situations and create another twist? The second game between Miami and Denver will be held on the 5th (Korean time). 

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