“I’m not going to Jeju Island.” What is the domestic vacation destination chosen by the people this summer?

What is the most preferred region for Koreans planning a토토사이트 domestic trip during this summer vacation? The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s Korea Transport Research Institute conducted a survey of ‘2023 summer vacation travel status’ targeting more than 10,000 people last month, and it was found that the most preferred travel destination by the people was the East Coast.

The vacation schedule is expected to be concentrated from the end of July to the beginning of August, and the most common means of transportation is a car.

As for the scheduled departure date, July 29-August 4 was the most common with 19.3% of the total. It was followed by 16.6% after August 19 and 11.5% from July 22 to 28.

The destinations for travel were the East Coast (24.2%), the South Coast (19.6%), the West Coast (11.1%), and Jeju (10.1%). Most of them answered that they would use a car (84.7%) as a means of transportation. This was followed by air (6.6%), bus (4.6%), railroad (3.7%), and sea transport (0.5%).

The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs reflected the results of this investigation and announced that it would set a ‘special transportation measures period’ for 22 days from the 25th to the 15th of the following month.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport predicted that a total of 101.21 million people, an average of 4.6 million people per day, would move during the countermeasure period (3.4% increase from the previous year). The average number of vehicles using highways per day was predicted to be 5.23 million (5.1% increase from the previous year). It is higher than the usual weekend (4.74 million units) and less than Friday (5.34 million units).

The measures included the operation of shoulder lanes, intensive management of congested roads, and expansion of convenience facilities such as temporary restrooms for vacationers. In addition, the number of times of public transportation such as

express bus, KTX , and air flight was increased, and measures to support movement for the ‘World Scout Jamboree’ event to be held in Saemangeum early next month were also included.

“For a safe and convenient transportation environment for everyone, please drive safely and obey traffic laws,” said Kim Soo-sang, head of the Transportation and Logistics Department at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

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