“If you put in an empty bank account, 1.5 million won comes out?”… The story of the uproar in front of the ATM

Due to a technical error at the Bank of Ireland, Ireland’s largest bank메이저사이트, it was possible to withdraw up to 1,000 euros (about 1.5 million won) from an empty bank account.

According to Reuters and Sky News on the 16th (local time), pictures of long lines in front of ATMs across Ireland were posted on social media the night before.

It was a commotion when it became known that even if there was no balance in the Bank of Ireland account, it was possible to transfer up to 1,000 euros to the linked internet bank Revolut account and then withdraw it through an ATM.

Bank of Ireland said in a statement that day, “We apologize for the confusion.”

“Some customers were able to transfer and withdraw funds beyond the normal limit,” he said. “This will be recorded as a debt in the customer’s account.”

In addition, Bank of Ireland explained that “transactions made the previous night do not account for a significant portion of the average daily trading volume,” and that “we will not charge interest on the amount withdrawn in excess of the balance.”

In addition, Bank of Ireland confirmed that there was a problem with the app and online service after receiving a complaint that the balance inquiry or card payment was not possible the previous afternoon.

Ireland’s Treasury has asked the central bank to investigate the situation and determine if further action is needed to reduce risks across the industry.

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