“I wish someone would wash me”… I actually made it after seeing a gas station car wash.

“Passionism: A state of being lazy and bothering about everything”

When you go into the bathroom on a tired evening or busy morning, you may have thought, ‘I wish someone would wash me.’

In this way, a unique item that may appeal to those who suffer from laziness has appeared. This is an ‘automatic shower stall’ created by applying the principles of automatic gas station car washes.

On the 13th (Korean time), a video posted by App Circle founder Tansu Yegen is gaining attention on overseas social media ( SNS ).

The 1 minute and 7 second video shows a man washing himself in an automatic shower stall.

An automatic shower stall, like a car wash, is a system that automatically washes you step by step as long as you walk in.

In the video, when the man opens the door and goes in, water 안전놀이터automatically pours out from a machine connected to the door, soaking his body.

The next stage is the ‘bubble’ stage, where you just have to walk through the bubble passage.

The lathering brushes were two giant Christmas trees, and the brushes were attached to the wheels of toy cars hanging from the shower curtain and soaped him from his thighs to his face.

In the next passage, dozens of toy guns spouted strong streams of water, washing away the foam from the man’s entire body.

A man who has finished showering passes through a row of hair dryers.

The last step is the ‘getting dressed’ step, where you go up the stairs and stretch your arms to put on the top that was hanging above you. Then, he put his legs into the shorts that were hanging in the air.

When I put my foot into the machine on the floor, they put my sandals on, and when I opened the door, they even put a hat on top.

Netizens who saw the video showed various reactions, such as “It’s a good idea,” “I hope it actually sells,” “An innovative invention for laziness,” and “A machine that’s just what I need.”

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