I played with a nosebleed throughout the 4th round. Still, he smiled and ran. The 38-year-old veteran fighter won the final championship belt by fighting vigorously for 5 minutes to 4 rounds.

Moon Jae-hoon (38, Octagon MMA) defeated Jang Ik-hwan (35, Timpath) by unanimous decision in the Goobnemol ROAD FC 062 -61.5kg bantamweight title match held at the Swiss Grand Hotel in Hongeun-dong, Seoul on the 18th and became the champion.

Jang Ik-hwan ended his three-year career at the company and became a fighter. He learned Muay Thai first and won the 2009 Asian K-1 World Grand Prix Opening Championship. He grew up at Road FC and even ran 5 consecutive victories. In the ROAD FC 056 competition in 2019, he had a bantamweight title match with champion Kim Min-woo, but unfortunately lost by decision. After that, I couldn’t play due to Corona 19, but I challenged this last champion.

Moon Jae-hoon is a Taekwondo fighter. He is a fighter who has been evaluated as the best incorporating Taekwondo techniques into MMA. He has achieved good results in Taekwondo not only kicking but also striking. This is his third bantamweight title challenge. The first match was against Lee Yun-jun and the second against Kim Min-woo, but both were defeated.

A match that both champions desperately wanted. So I fought desperately until the extra round.

At the beginning of the first round, they had a strong character of searching for each other with low kicks, but the match started to heat up as they exchanged punches as time went by. While exchanging punches, Jang Ik-hwan was staggered by Jeon Moon-hoon’s punch, and a slugfest broke out for a while. At the end of the round, Jang Ik-Hwan’s right hand punch landed right on Moon Mun-Hun’s face, causing Moon Mun-Hoon to stumble. It was a blowout battle that we couldn’t back down from.

In the second round, a full-fledged punching battle unfolded. Jang Ik-hwan attacked first, and Mun Mun-hoon counter-punched. After the middle, we looked at each other’s timing and threw out a punch, but we couldn’t deliver a clear blow. 스포츠토토

The fight between the two continued in the last three rounds. Jeon Mun-hun’s punches hit Jang Ik-hwan several times, putting Jang Ik-hwan in danger, but Jang Ik-hwan’s counter punch staggered Moon Mun-hun. The game was played in a tense atmosphere until the end, and the winner flowed by decision.

During the third round, they couldn’t decide the winner, so they went into an extra round, and as time went on, it led to a fight over who hit more effective hits than by KO. After the gong rang, the two hugged each other and raised each other’s arms.

However, there was only one championship belt. The final scoring result was unanimous by the judges and ended with Moon Je-hoon winning.