“I guess I should carry a tumbler”… 300 won deposit for disposable cup at Seoul cafe

From 2025, if you use disposable cups in Seoul cafes, you will have to pay스포츠토토 an additional 300 won deposit. The ‘personal cup additional discount system’ will be introduced starting next year.

On the 7th, the Seoul Metropolitan Government released a ‘comprehensive plan to reduce disposable plastics’ containing these contents. The final goal of this comprehensive measure is to reduce Seoul’s current daily plastic production of 2,753 tons by 10% by 2026. The amount of waste plastic generated daily in downtown Seoul was around 896 tons in 2014, but increased by nearly 200% to 2,753 tons in 2021.

The biggest change with the introduction of the comprehensive measure is the introduction of the ‘disposable cup deposit system’. When customers leave a cafe with a drink in a disposable cup, they must pay an additional 300 won as a deposit on top of the existing drink price. If you return the cup to the store after finishing your drink, you will receive 300 won back.

In addition to regulations in the form of penalties for disposable cups, the ‘personal cup additional discount system’, which is an incentive for the use of personal cups, will also be applied from next year. This is a system that provides a 300 won discount on the price of drinks if you bring your own container, such as a tumbler, rather than a disposable cup, at a cafe.

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