“I didn’t expect to leave Liverpool…” A transfer that does not go away in shock

“I didn’t expect to leave Liverpool.”

Roberto Firmino has been a key attacking resource for Liverpool since his transfer in June 2015. He was evaluated as a striker with excellent linking skills.

However, this season, due to the aging curve, it was evaluated that it did not show as much activity as in previous years and showed less than expected performance.

Firmino has been talked about extending his contract as his contract expires at the end of this season, but he will eventually leave Liverpool. He recently announced their breakup through an official announcement.먹튀검증

Firmino acknowledged the breakup, saying “Unfortunately, it’s time for him to leave Liverpool”.

Fabinyu seems to have come as a shock to Firmino’s transfer. He said through the UK’s ‘Sky Sports’, “I was in a situation where I was asked when I would sign a new contract.”

“I didn’t expect Firmino to leave Liverpool. However, he had to make that decision. I saw him not being happy because of his injuries.”

“Firmino is young. I can still play the best football,” he cheered for the future.

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