‘Hyeonta’ – When I woke up, a backward country 6

Taeho Kwon | Head of Editorial Writer

The ‘2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree’ competition, which the whole nation was anxious about, has come to an end. The unplanned, incompetent, and irresponsible nature of the Yoon Seok-yeol administration revealed at the Jamboree is no longer surprising. However, the people who were proud of themselves saying, ‘Now we are also an advanced country’, felt empty as if they had become Sisyphus overnight, as if they had gone back to the past. Citizens who met the Jamboree members on the road said “I’m sorry” and gave them bottled water and ice cream as gifts, probably because of this review. However, the backwardness of the Yoon Seok-yeol administration became more prominent in the process of handling the situation.

The private sector, such as companies and universities, had to intensively invest assets and services, reminiscent of the wartime national mobilization order. The process is also a series of lightning strikes. Ive, who had suddenly changed the date and venue of the concert and canceled his appearance, “to keep his promise with the Jamboree members” (Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Park Bo-gyun), canceled other scheduled schedules and appeared, and a Korean broadcaster ( KBS) As ‘Music Bank’ was canceled, New Jeans, who were not scheduled to participate in the first place, also participated in the concert. Seoul World Cup Stadium prepared the stage the day before the event, when rain and wind blew from the north of the typhoon in order to hold an unexpectedly large-scale event. To overcome the national crisis, the entire nation was united and struggled despite the danger. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism presented a “concert remember kit” containing Kakao Friends character goods and BTS photo cards to all 43,000 scouts. It is said that Hive provided 800 million won and Kakao provided 1 billion won. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said “voluntarily”. It is not a level of equal comparison, but during the Park Geun-hye administration, about 40 domestic companies ‘voluntarily’ donated 77.4 billion won to the Mir Foundation and the K-Sports Foundation. Minister of Gender Equality and Family Kim Hyun-sook said, “We have shown our ability to respond to crises” in this situation. It was the government that created the ‘crisis’, and the ‘response ability’ was demonstrated by the entire nation. It is a government that takes a lot of work. The government should not worry about the people, the people should worry about the government.

When a country’s government is evaluated as ‘backward’, besides the country’s economic level, the country’s management is not systematic, major 안전놀이터decisions are made spontaneously and informally, the process is opaque, responsibility is unclear, and violence is seen. when showing In this regard, the backwardness of the Yoon Seok-yeol administration is revealed more clearly in the course of the investigation into the case of Corporal Chae Su-geun, who died while carrying out an order to search for a missing person affected by heavy rain. The Marine Corps investigation team concluded that eight people under the 1st Marine Division Commander Lim Seong-geun were guilty of manslaughter for sending soldiers into the rapids without life jackets, and reported it to the Minister of Defense on July 30 and received approval. But the next day, it suddenly turned upside down. Commander Kim Gye-hwan of the Marine Corps ordered him to put it on hold, saying it was a ‘ministerial order’, but the investigation team broke this and handed over the results of the investigation to the Gyeongbuk Police Agency on August 2, and the military prosecutors prosecuted Park Jeong-hoon, the head of the investigation team, on charges of being a ‘monster of group mutiny’. defense ministry’s claim. Park’s words are different. He suggested to the commander that it was better to let the police decide, saying, “It has already been explained to the bereaved family on the 28th (July), so the bereaved family may rebel.” claim to have failed In addition, Investigator Park said, “The Ministry of National Defense said that (the charges) should be limited to ‘persons directly at fault’ (battalion commander and below).” The Ministry of National Defense says the exact opposite, saying, “It is excessive to state the charges of negligent manslaughter on the job even to junior executives.” If you look at which one is punished, ‘below battalion commander’ or ‘above’, you will be able to tell who is saying the truth.

It can be judged that the charges of manslaughter by eight executives are ‘excessive’. If so, this should be mentioned at the approval stage. Also, if there is friction with the field, it is right to clarify the responsibility by leaving a documented basis. However, it is only done verbally and over the phone. This is why the battle for truth begins. Because I wanted to take care of it on the spot. It is total cowardice. We need to investigate the ‘suspicion of external pressure’, not the ‘rebellion’ of investigation leader Park. That is advanced, and the opposite is backward.

Lastly, on the 14th, the special pardon of Kim Tae-woo, former head of Gangseo-gu, is the pinnacle of backwardness. Three months after the Supreme Court’s conviction, the administration overturned it. judicial decisions can be criticized. However, for the administration to openly invalidate a court ruling just because it does not like it is to destroy the separation of powers, the foundation of democracy. Does the Yoon Seok-yeol government want total control?

It is a backward country when I open my eyes. The public does not listen to the government, the courts do not judge as the government wants, and the media does not write articles as the government wants. That’s advanced country, that’s ‘freedom’.

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