Daegu Mayor Hong Joon-pyo, a member of People’s Power, said on the 6th, regarding the confusion of low birth rate countermeasures by Na Gyeong-won, vice chairman of the Low Birth Rate and Aging Society Committee, potential party runner, “The Yoon Seok-yeol regime announced it without knowing that it had declared that it would reject the left-wing populist policy, or it was announced with a single thought to jump out. It seems to have been done,” he criticized and said, “I recommend that you be faithful to only one seat, no matter what seat.”

Mayor Hong said on Facebook that day, “I announced a left-leaning populist birth promotion policy without coordination with the president’s office, but the president’s office immediately denied it.” inappropriate This is because it undermines trust in the government,” he pointed out.

Previously, at a New Year’s press conference the previous day 메이저놀이터 (5th), Vice Chairman Na suggested a Hungarian-style plan to cancel the principal of parents’ loans as a countermeasure against the low birth rate, saying, “I will not allow young people to postpone or give up marriage and childbirth for economic reasons.” The Committee for Low Fertility and Aging Society estimated that an annual budget of about 12 trillion won would be needed to realize this policy.

Then, through a briefing about 3 hours after Vice Chairman Na’s interview was released, Ahn Sang-hoon, senior secretary for social affairs in the Presidential Office, said, “The ‘policy that cancels or exempts loans according to the number of children’ that Vice Chairman Na said is my opinion.” There is a significant difference from the related policy stance of ‘. As it is unusual for a member of the Blue House staff to openly refute the policy remarks of a member of the ruling party, not an opposition figure, there are not many interpretations that some think that the presidential office or vice chairperson’s running for the party convention is disapproving.

Mayor Hong said to Vice Chairman Na, “You have to heed the warning from the President’s office.” I recommend sticking to only one position, no matter where you are.” It can also be interpreted as recommending that Vice Chairman Na, who is struggling with running for the party convention, take an exam.

Meanwhile, Vice Chairman Na appeared on KBC ‘s Gwangju Broadcasting ‘Yeouido Invitational’ that day and said, “Recently, while watching the party convention, I have deepened my concerns about whether it is right to just watch the games.”