Hoengseong has prepared a stepping stone to become the center of Korean baseball. The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) has finally decided on three locations, including Hoengseong, Gijang-gun, Busan, and Boeun-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, as candidates for the ‘KBO Baseball Center’.

Hoengseong-gun plans to sign a business agreement with the Korea Baseball Organization around February next year. The KBO Baseball Center will be built in connection with Hoengseong Baseball Park, which is built on an area of ​​263,120㎡ in Maegok-ri, Gonggeun-myeon.

In the first stage, a baseball vision center, accommodation facilities, and a multi-purpose sports training center, an indoor practice field, will be promoted by investing 15 billion won on 150,139㎡. The baseball vision center will invest 7 billion won, including private capital, and facilities such as accommodation, scientific training, office administration, research and development, education and lectures, and conventions will be installed on a total floor area of ​​3,300㎡. The multi-purpose training center, which is an indoor training ground, is reviewed as a 6,715㎡ air dome or steel thruster.

The second stage is a project to create a KBO baseball theme park on 109,981㎡ in the area of ​​335 Maegok-ri. A total of 10 billion won will be spent to create a baseball memorial park, a realistic baseball experience facility, a baseball history exhibition facility, a house in the forest, a trail and a picnic garden. Nearby, there will be spaces for various events, competitions, and programs, as well as restaurants, retail stores, and local agricultural products stores. 스포츠토토

Hoengseong-gun supports the expansion of baseball infrastructure, and the KBO Baseball Center is created, managed, and operated in a structure in which KBO hosts baseball-related programs, competitions, various events, and conventions in collaboration.

Mayor Kim Myeong-ki said, “Hoengseong, the closest base of the metropolitan area, has become a candidate for the KBO Baseball Center, so we can meet the practical and justification.” I will do it,” he said.