High School Ranking ‘No. 1’ Thanks to the 157km fastball, “ML is possible right away”

Shim Jun-seok (Deoksu High School), who challenged the major leagues as the number one high school pitcher, immediately received rave reviews from the major league media for his sense of power.

Fangraphs, which specializes in major league statistics and analysis, predicted on the 14th (Korean time), ‘If better skills than the scouting report are confirmed, Shim Jun-seok can enter the Major League (MLB) system immediately’.

Every winter, Fangraphs writes a scouting report for promising players in Asia and Latin America. On that day, a corner titled ‘KBO Prospects’ was prepared and updated reports were posted, focusing on KBO league players, including evaluations, ratings, and predictions, and Shim Jun-seok was introduced as a promising pitcher in Korea.

Fangraphs said, “When South Korean teenage pitchers are clearly better than I’ve described, they tend to go right into the MLB system.” I skipped the draft and became an international amateur free agent. ‘Because he’s under the age of 25, when he signs with the major leagues, he’s limited to the bonus pool,’ he said.

Shim Jun-seok is regarded as the best prospect among pitchers graduating from high school this winter. While contemplating going abroad with the KBO League, he gave up his draft application and chose to challenge the major leagues.

His main weapon is a fastball with a maximum speed of 157 km and an average speed of 151 to 152 km. As evaluated by Fan Grafs, fastballs in the mid-90s are among the upper-middle ranks in the major leagues. The average fastball velocity of all major league pitchers this year was 93.9 miles. Fangraphs measures Shim Jun-seok’s velocity at 92-97 mph.

The media said, ‘In the meantime, among the pitchers in the first round of the KBO draft, there were many small pitchers whose arms came out vertically and threw strikes concisely. His fastball velocity is between 88 and 91 mph. There were very few cases in which a high school pitcher showed enough skills to attract the attention of the major leagues before the draft.

Shim Jun-seok showed his will to enter the US early on by signing with Major League agent Scott Boras in March. The major leagues are currently in the middle of the free agent market. International amateur FA contracts are due after mid-January next year. Shim Jun-seok is also expected to be decided on the team he will join by then.스포츠토토

MLB.com evaluated Sim Jun-seok’s pitching as ’60 points out of 80 for fastball and curveball, and 50 points for slider, changeup, and control.’ A major league scout also gave high marks, saying, “He has enough ability to enter the major league starting rotation.”

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