The 24-year-old ‘rabbit’ players born in 1999, who will be the main players of the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour, have made a firm resolution ahead of the year 2023, the year of the cat. Through the KLPGA, they revealed their feelings for the 2022 season, non-season plans, and determination for the 2023 season.

◇ Park

Hyeon-gyeong, a popular star on the KLPGA tour, was born in January 2000 and is a player in the year of the rabbit. He did not win last season, but he was the only player on the 2022 KLPGA Tour to pass the qualifiers in all competitions. Park Hyeon-kyung said, “It was a pity that he couldn’t win, so it was a season that made him desperate for the championship.”

Park Hyun-kyung, who said he desperately felt the importance of his physical strength last year, said, “I felt that my concentration decreased because I lacked physical strength. This winter, I will train harder than I have done so far,” he said. “I was happy last season, but it feels like there were a little more difficult days. This year, I will prepare thoroughly so that there will be more happy days than tough days.”

◇ Lee Ga-young and Hwang Jeong-mi, who won their first victory Ga-

young Lee and Jung-mi Hwang were born in 1999 and are well-known as best friends of the same age. Lee Ga-young and Hwang Jung-mi, who have the commonality of winning the first championship of their dreams last season, said, “Last year, there were a lot of things that went really well, and I was happy to win the dream championship, but at the same time, I clearly realized what I lacked. In the future, I want to show a good image by filling in the missing parts.”

Lee Ga-young revealed her plan to “focus on physical fitness and short games during the winter,” adding, “I will do my best to prepare better and show better results than the 2022 season.”

“I felt physically lacking in the second half of last season. 토토 Hwang Jung-mi said, “I’m trying to take care of my body and physical strength throughout the winter.” I will prepare hard,” she said, revealing her aspirations.

◇ Ahn Ji-hyun and Choi Ye-rim aiming for the first championship in their lives Ji-hyun Ahn and Ye-rim

Choi showed better than ever, but they had to swallow regrets because of the championship trophy that was almost impossible to get in their hands.

Ahn Ji-hyun said, “It was very difficult because I couldn’t achieve any of the goals I set,” but “On the one hand, I learned and felt a lot. I believe that it will serve as a foundation for my future tour life.” Choi Ye-rim said, “There were two runner-up finishes, but the results were not good in the second half. My score last season was 70 points,” he said, giving a rather thin score.

Ahn Ji-hyun, who left for training in Hanoi, Vietnam, said, “The goal is to find a swing that suits me in field training. I also train with the best players at home and abroad, and I will learn a lot from them and go back. As it is the Year of the Rabbit, I believe that good things will happen and I will work hard to achieve my goals this year.”

Choi Ye-rim said, “This winter, I am resting and healing with my dog, focusing on physical training and putting practice.” Please watch over me,” he said forcefully.

◇ Rookie Kim Ha-ni, who entered the regular tour of her dreams, was

active on the Dream Tour (Part 2) last season and recorded her first victory in her life, and secured the KLPGA Tour seed right for this season by climbing to 11th in the prize money rankings. This season, he is a late rookie and the only rookie with seed right to play the regular tour. Kim Ha-ni said, “I want to praise myself for doing well by winning the championship in 2022 and securing the right to seed the regular tour. He is happily preparing for the 2023 season.”

In addition, Kim Rian, Madasom, and Lee Chae-eun are attracting attention as rabbit players who will be active on the KLPGA tour in the 2023 season.