‘Freddy Under the Goal Bombing’ Konkuk University, complete victory over Hanyang University by 30 points

Konkuk University continued its competition to advance to the playoffs with a sweeping victory over Hanyang University at home.

Konkuk University won 79-49 in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League match against Hanyang University held at Konkuk University Glocal Campus Gymnasium on the 7th. Konkuk University, which recovered its 50% win rate by taking its 6th win (6th loss) of the season, rose to a tie for 5th place with Hanyang University.

Konkuk University’s Joon-Young Kim scored 18 points, the most for both teams, leading the way in victory, and 5 players scored in double digits, dominating Hanyang University. With 15 points and 23 rebounds, Freddie continued his double-double in all games this season. Freddy took the same number of rebounds as the entire Hanyang University team (27).

On the other hand, Hanyang University fought hard with Shin Ji-won scoring 13 points and Park Seong-jae scoring 12 points, but it was not enough to lead the victory. The field goal rate was only 33%, and the turnover collapsed by pouring out 17. Even in the fight under the goal, he was completely pushed back.

At the beginning of the match, both teams were tight against each other. Konkuk University’s Cho Hwan-hee took the lead in the attack, scoring 10 points in the first quarter alone, and Freddie also worked hard from the bottom of the goal. Hanyang University’s players scored evenly. The full-court press was effective and Konkuk University finished the quarter well, ending the first quarter with an 18-10 lead.

In the second quarter, Konkuk University widened the gap. While Hanyang University was suffering from Yatoo hunting, it fired up a pile of 3 stores. In the 5th minute of the first quarter, he gave a 3-point shot to Cho Min-geun to make it 9-10, and it was 18-0 (27-10).

Konkuk University continued to be excited. In the rebound battle, Hanyang University was overwhelmed, and Kim Joon-young also scored 3 points and ran away with more than 20 points (14-39). With Choi Seung-bin and Freddy still showing their power in the goal, Konkuk University finished the first half with a score of 45-20.

Even in the second half, the flow did not change much. Konkuk University took the lead in the game, and Hanyang University still struggled to score. Konkuk University allowed 6 runs in the beginning of the 3rd quarter and allowed 19 points to catch up, but immediately counterattacked with 12 points in a row (60-29). At this point, in fact, the pendulum of the match has tilted.안전놀이터

In the fourth quarter, which started with a score of 61-33, Konkuk University ended the game without difficulty. The gap of around 30 points continued to be maintained. In the middle of the fourth quarter, Konkuk University gave rest to key players such as Freddy, Choi Seung-bin, and Cho Hwan-hee, and put in a large number of bench members. Hanyang University also accepted the defeat by inviting the main player to the bench.

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