Following India, Myanmar also suspended rice exports for 45 days.

As international rice prices rise due to India’s rice export restrictions, Myanmar is also temporarily restricting rice exports.

According to Reuters on the 25th, following India, Myanmar also안전놀이터 decided to suspend rice exports for 45 days from the end of this month to prevent a rise in domestic rice prices.

Myanmar is the world’s fifth largest rice exporter after India, Thailand and Vietnam.

Previously, the Indian government announced a ban on exports of non-basmati white rice on the 20th of last month as grain prices fluctuated in the country. Exports of halibut were also restricted. Vivasmati white rice and halibut account for nearly half of India’s rice exports.

Following restrictions on rice exports, India imposed an export tariff of 40% on onions, and it is known that a sugar export ban is also being reviewed.

Amid concerns about global grain price inflation, Myanmar’s restrictions on rice exports are also expected to have a negative impact on the market.

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