“Exciting” Yankees prospect debut on the 27th… Kim Ha-seong confrontation is likely to ‘misfire’

New York Yankees right-hand prospect Randy Vazquez (25) takes off his veil.

The Yankees announced Vazquez as the starting pitcher for the home game against the San Diego Padres on the 27th (Korean time). The Yankees have a gap in the rotation as Domingo Hermann is currently serving a disciplinary action (suspension of 10 games) for violating rules related to foreign substances. Before the starting notice, he sent left-handed pitcher Nick Ramirez down to minor league Triple-A to create Vazquez’s spot on the roster.메이저사이트

A native of the Dominican Republic, Vazquez joined the Yankees in 2018. He stepped up to the minor league level step by step and reached Triple-A this season. The season record was 1 win 5 losses with an ERA of 4.85. In the 2023 prospect rankings selected by MLB.com, the official website of the Major League Baseball (MLB), he was ranked 12th among Yankees players. Among pitchers, he is fifth after Drew Thorpe (6th), Will Warren (7th), Richard Fitz (8th), and Joendris Gomes (9th). Vasquez’s velocity is formed around 93 to 95 miles (149.7 to 152.9 km/h) on average. He has a low arm swing and dazzles batters with his low-80s cut fastball, changeup, and slow slub.

Vazquez, who is about to make his big league debut, said, “I would like to say that it was a really good season overall. I had many opportunities to face various hitters with a lot of big league experience in Triple A. I learned from dealing with such players.” San Diego, whom he will meet in his debut game, is 29th in overall team batting average in MLB. There were a lot of injured people, so the weight of the other ships became much lighter.

However, there are not a few threatening hitters, including Juan Soto and Fernando Tatis Jr. Coincidentally, Soto and Tatis Jr. are from the same Dominican Republic as Vasquez. “It’s going to be exciting,” Vazquez said. “I know what I need to prepare to face them, so I’m going to focus on that.”

The confrontation with Kim Ha-seong, which attracted attention, is expected to fail. Kim Ha-seong was replaced after getting hit in the knee by his own foul ball against the Washington Nationals on the 26th. Although no major injuries were confirmed during the hospital examination, rest is inevitable. The San Diego Union-Tribune, a local media outlet, said, “The X-ray results came out negative, but the club said that at least it is expected to miss the game at Yankee Stadium.” 

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