As with any region, Incheon is especially proud of its region.

Some people regard it as one of the satellite cities in the metropolitan area due to its proximity to Seoul, but such a perception is a big disrespect to the people of Incheon.

He is also very proud of baseball. It is often said that the capital is Busan, but there is an analysis that the true capital is Incheon. This is because Incheon is the first place where baseball took root in Korea. The SSG team produces a separate ‘Incheon-gun’ uniform and uses it for marketing.

The club that took root in Incheon is SSG. Two years after acquiring SK, they won the wire-to-wire championship and became a prestigious club in name and reality.

Incheon fans raised their pride to the fullest by giving them the gift of being number one in mobilizing home spectators.

But the joy was short-lived. SSG, which was the pride of ‘Gudo Incheon’, became synonymous with communication problems overnight.

This is SSG owner Jeong Yong-jin, who was active on social media and communicated with fans. He started blocking social media and refusing to communicate with fans.

There is a suspicion that a secret powerhouse has intervened in the management of the club, but it was simply summarized by saying, “I am just one of many advisors.”

It was a big scar for the fans of SSG Landers, who considered ‘baseball is Incheon’.

SSG Landers, a prestigious club that was good at baseball, good at marketing, and passionate about fan management, became the object of shame from fans overnight.

Owner Jeong Yong-jin was the pride of Incheon fans. But not anymore. It has become a synonym for not listening to the voices of fans.

The biggest mistake was leaving a scar on the hearts of Incheon fans. To the Incheon fans who are proud of baseball, Jeong’s owner gave deep scars.

They are Incheon fans who are more hurt by baseball than any other fans. There was a club that left Incheon overnight while running away, and countless clubs appeared and disappeared repeatedly. It left pain to the fans every time.

SSG was the team that touched that heart better than anyone else. But not anymore. The pride of Incheon baseball has now collapsed. The SSG team left such a deep pain that they did not know how to heal this wound. 스포츠토토

Now, there is no solution other than to sincerely approach the fans. You have to conduct your greetings transparently and fairly and bow your head to the fans. We have to work hard to become the number 1 club in fan service again. That is the only way to apologize to Incheon baseball fans who have been hurt.

Again, Incheon fans are more proud of baseball than any other fans and have a lot of scars. Let alone touch the wound, you must not sprinkle salt on it. It is the time when we need to make a big decision to care for the hearts of our fans.