Even during the daytime on weekdays Lotte~ Lotte~… It’s at war, but the fans are having fun, what was more important than reinforcements

When it was time to enter the stadium and the gates opened, fans rushed into the stands. It was the scene of Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 16th. The faces of the fans were full of smiles, and that energy was invigorating the stadium.

Demonstration games are usually held during the daytime, although it is a little different depending on various reasons such as broadcasting schedules or adaptation to night games. Daytime on weekdays is the most difficult time for fans to find the stadium. It is because there is a livelihood or education. However, on the 16th, the Sajik Stadium was filled with fans, and more spectators than expected visited the stadium, with fans even taking seats at the 1st and 3rd bases. Although admission is free, the club also arranged manpower to avoid any inconvenience to fans. The cheering sound was quite hot.

Lotte’s last postseason advance was in 2017. It’s been quite a while. Since 2018, it has continued to hover in the lower ranks. It went up to a position where it could aim for the top 5 in several seasons, but that was it. I couldn’t overcome the ordeal. It was an extremely poor performance to meet the eye level of passionate Busan fans.

In the meantime, there were several changes, such as a change of manager and a change of general manager, but the most important result was not achieved. Amid the poor performance, Sajik karaoke lost its former enthusiasm, and the club’s various activities did not gain momentum.

However, Lotte is trying to rebound through the last offseason. In the meantime, he was somewhat passive in recruiting an outside free agent (FA), but he did not spare any active investment as if he judged that it was time to run for his grades. Gangnam Yoo, Jinhyeok Noh, Hyunhee Han, who immediately felt the power, wore Lotte uniforms like that. In addition, the release player market was also diligently to reinforce the player base. Prospects who have endured the time of perseverance in the lower ranks are also reaping more tangible results little by little.

The noisy off-season raised the expectations of the fans, and that anticipation has been well vented since the demonstration games. There was no special reinforcement, but rather, a completely different atmosphere was read from 2022, when even the objective power evaluation crashed due to a power departure. In 2022, it is evaluated that even Lotte fans have built the power to expect a return to the postseason in 2023, if there were no expectations. This is why the footsteps of fans entering the baseball field are bound to be completely different. In the end, the team eats and lives sexually.

In addition to the existing key players, which players will enter the opening roster, who will occupy the starting positions, and how the prospects who have worked hard to grow and how to grow are very good materials and materials that have kept Lotte fans through the boring period without baseball. was In fact, as such a competition continues, the ‘enjoyable conversation’ of fans continues even in the demonstration game. As players, it is a war pain suffering from extreme stress every day, but this is why fans who see it are happy.

With the recruitment of Yoo Kang-nam and Roh Jin-hyuk, the biggest problem, the catcher and shortstop problem, was solved. With the recruitment of Han Hyun-hee, the competition to enter the starting rotation has also intensified. Unlike the infield, which has a certain frame, and the designated hitter, in which Jeon Jun-woo will increase the weight a little more, the outfield has no fixed players except for Jack Rex, a foreign player, so it is not an exaggeration to say that opportunities are open to all players. there is.

Naturally, fans’ interest grows and discussions intensify. Teams in the lower ranks, which performed poorly last year, must have this taste in the spring to attract fans. Of course, Lotte’s off-season results, of course, can only be evaluated after more time has passed,토토사이트 but it can be said that the start was very successful in that it created fans’ expectations and atmosphere.

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