‘Emery Magic’ Villa’s aspirations, ‘UCL 3 times champion’ player is aiming for free

Aston Villa is aiming for Marco Asensio as a free agent (FA).

It looks like there will be some changes in the Villa leadership next season. This is because Matteu Alemani, who served as CEO of Valencia and Barcelona, ​​has decided to part ways with Barcelona at the end of this season, and manager Unai Emery has offered him a move to Villa. It’s not confirmed yet, but it’s possible.

If Alemani comes to Villa, his first job will be to sign players. According to Spanish media ‘Marca’, Alemani is hoping to bring in two players, the first being Marco Asensio, who plays for Real Madrid. The media said, “Coach Alemani and Emery plan to make an official request to the club for the signing of Asensio.”

It is a high-level offensive resource. Asensio, from Spain, showed his influence with his excellent passing ability and straight dribbling with quick speed, and he played an active part in Real Madrid for a long time based on his biggest ‘strength’, kick.

It’s not a case of a player’s career going well. When he was active, he could not establish himself as a starting player because he was overshadowed by world-class players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale, and after they left, his performance declined due to injuries.

Nonetheless, he steadily consolidated his position. Although he is not his main player this season, he continues to do his part by appearing in 46 games including cup competitions and recording 11 goals and 8 assists. Based on the football statistics media ‘Transfer Markt’, he has risen to the ranks of veterans by participating in 281 matches only at Real Madrid.

However, it is likely that he will part ways with Real at the end of this season. His contract expires this summer, but there is still no contract renewal issue. He even mentioned the possibility of renewing his contract with Real through interviews, etc., but no progress has been made so far. Accordingly, last winter he was even associated with Barcelona.스포츠토토

Currently, Villa is showing the most active attitude. Villa, which has been cruising under Emery’s managerial system this season, hopes to continue this trend next season and wants to strengthen its strength through the signing of Asensio.

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