Decreased reaction force + S zone expansion… I did everything I had to do, I need major surgery, not a countermeasure

System improvement. In recent years, whenever the international competition has been sluggish, it has followed the KBO League without fail.

The first change was the decrease in ball repulsive power. It was a measure to respond to concerns that pitchers avoiding active matches and weakening international competitiveness as a result of baseball, which is not fun, as the’ride and fight’ became extreme. Starting from the 2019 season, hitters’ performance plummeted as they used official balls with reduced repulsive power, while pitchers were excited. However, from the 2020 season, the effect quickly disappeared as batters began to come up with countermeasures one by one.

Even after the 2021 Tokyo Olympics disaster, countermeasures came out. Instead of the full-time manager system, which was pointed out as having a poor sense of the field, it was decided to entrust the baton to the incumbent manager of the KBO League again, and to include pitching experts and data analysis experts from players who have field experience and theory in the national team technical committee to create a systematic system. and decided to select players based on data.

The strike zone was also touched upon. It was pointed out that batters could not adapt to the wider strike zone than in Korea, and that pitchers could not properly utilize it. KBO came up with a plan to expand the application of the strike zone according to baseball rules. At the beginning of last year, the judges gathered at the Gocheok Sky Dome and showed their enthusiasm to the extent of conducting an unusual public practice.토토사이트

After these improvements, he worked on the 2023 WBC (World Baseball Classic). A miserable failure. Australia, which was regarded as ‘one step down’, was hit with three home runs and was caught, and in the match against Japan, he was beaten so hard that the title of ‘enemy’ was colorless, and he barely escaped the shame of a cold patch.

This tournament was held with incumbent managers and coaches active in the KBO League. Leaders who know KBO league players better than anyone else led the team. The team was made up of pitchers and hitters who are accustomed to low rebound balls and wide zones. Several months before the tournament, the power analysis team toured each continent to collect information on the opponents, and after the national team was summoned, various data were provided to the players.

Some point out the KBO’s decision to choose training in the United States instead of Japan, the venue for the first round, as a mistake. However, there was no place for the national team to train in Japan, which was saturated with pro-society-professional camps, and there was no place to offer a training ground. While the 7 teams were camped in the US, it was the US that was able to gather quickly in the most suitable facilities and practice conditions. Excluding unexpected variables such as abnormal weather and delayed entry due to aircraft defects, there was no shortage of support for this tournament.

However, the WBC, which has tasted a terrible failure, what measures should be put forward this time? Are the countermeasures effective? Despite various countermeasures, there was no development, and it was confirmed that it was a ‘frog in the well’. Major surgery is needed, not a countermeasure. There are too many problems to be solved, such as youth player policies that are far from reality, victory supremacy that ignores basic skills, and the annual salary bubble. In the meantime, pointed out on these problems has been constantly continued, but it was difficult to find practical movements that secured momentum, only voices for improvement continued. With this WBC tragedy as an opportunity, we must start preparing for change right away.

It is not that there is no hope in the KBO League at all. The native strikeout king, who throws fastballs in the mid-150 km/h speed, is alive and well, and there are also promising players with decent hardware and skills. It is the duty of the KBO League to grow them so that they can wear the Taegeuk mark and show an image worthy of international competitiveness. Shame should not be repeated.

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