“Decision next week, there are 200 hypotheses”… Messi ‘break up with PSG’ → Barca-USA-Saudi ‘destination’

Lionel Messi’s next destination is expected to be outlined next week.

Messi parted ways with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). PSG coach Christophe Galtier made official Messi’s departure at a press conference ahead of the final league game, saying, “I have had the privilege of coaching the best player in football history. The match against Clermont will be Messi’s last match.” .

Eventually, he leaves PSG. Messi left Barcelona, ​​where he had been for 21 years, and made a new nest at PSG after the contract renewal was broken down due to financial problems in 2021. At the time, the dominant observation was that he would build a strong offensive line with his former teammate Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, who was predicted to be the ‘next new world’, and make PSG’s heyday.

In Paris, there was no significant success. Messi, along with PSG, tasted the humiliation of being eliminated in the round of 16 for two consecutive seasons in the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL). In the meantime, he continued to rise to the top in the league, but it was too little to quench PSG’s thirst.

There was also a feud with the club. Messi was punished earlier last month for going to Saudi Arabia without permission from the club. Messi immediately explained the circumstances and apologized, but from this incident, reports from local media continued to come out that the relationship between Messi and PSG had completely ended.

Three places are mentioned as Messi’s next destination. First is Saudi Arabia. Earlier this year, Saudi Arabia took the first step toward becoming a world-class football destination with Cristiano Ronaldo in their arms. In fact, they are showing great ambition by holding various sports competitions and making the ‘Meho Daejeon’ happen, albeit coincidentally, in January.

Al-Hilal seduces Messi for an astronomical amount. Global media ‘Goal.com’ said, “Messi has received a huge offer for an annual salary of 500 million euros (approximately 700.9 billion won).” Exactly the same way as Ronaldo, the plan is to acquire ‘GOAT’ in the soccer world through a much higher amount than Ronaldo.

The deadline is tight. The offer from Saudi Arabia expires on June 15, according to Spanish transfer market expert Gerard Romero. This is why the statement that the outline will be revealed next week is not just a lie.

Inter Miami of the United States is also paying attention. David Beckham, the owner of Inter Miami, showed interest in Messi from an early age and tried to revive Major League Soccer (MLS) in the United States. However, this year, it was not often mentioned about Messi.

Recently, Inter Miami has been re-examined. According to the French ‘L’Equipe’, Inter Miami is being considered as a new option for Messi, and they plan to eventually make him their own on the condition that they promise to loan him to Barcelona. It is close to a mediation plan that considers both romance and reality.

Nevertheless, Barcelona is still a powerful place. Barcelona executives, including president Juan Laporta, used to openly state that they would bring Messi back to the Camp Nou, emphasizing that they were in constant contact with Messi.

Financial problems are a stumbling block. Barcelona are still struggling with the reason for letting Messi go. Of course, the club’s senior management says they are financially prepared to bring Messi, but according to journalist Fabricio Romano, who is familiar with the European football transfer market, Barcelona have yet to make an official offer.먹튀검증

In this situation, coach Xavi Hernandez opened his mouth. According to Spain’s Mundo Deportivo, Xavi said: “Next week Messi will make a decision, the media should leave him alone. Now there are 200 hypotheses.”

He also revealed that he hopes Messi will return. Xavi said: “I have absolutely no doubt that Messi can help us a lot football-wise. He has all the confidence and enthusiasm (of Barcelona). If a decision is made, I will 100% agree. “, he emphasized.

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