Dangerous swing that knocked down Park Se-hyuk “needs to be fixed”

It was 4 years ago. The ground was often buzzing. It’s because of the swing of one hitter. Park Dong-won, who belonged to the Heroes, was the problem. A number of catchers were injured after being hit by his bat.

The first accident occurred in May. The victim was Jang Seong-woo (KT). He had his (catcher’s) helmet hit hard by a bat that made a big circle. He didn’t collapse, but his head was bleeding. It was his first day back from the injured list. The bleeding stopped, but the pain remained.

It was not the first time a similar accident had occurred. There is a difference in degree, but several people were victimized that year alone. They are Lotte Na Jong-deok, Hanhwa Ji Seong-jun, Doosan Park Se-hyuk, SK Lee Jae-won, and NC Jeong Bum-mo. They complained of bruises on their heads, forearms and (wearing a mitt) left hand.

In the end, in August of that year, it became a big controversy. This is the point at which Twins Lee Seong-woo was hit on the forearm and replaced. When the same thing was repeated, various media reported intensively. It was a time when Park Dong-won was rumored for several problems. Fierce public criticism poured in.

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Yesterday (14th) Incheon Landers Field match. An accident occurred in the NC-SSG match. It was the home team’s 6th offense. 5th Guillermo Heredia came to bat. The bat made a huge spin on the first ball (139km forkball). Then there was a problem with the back of the swing. The bat hit the catcher hard on the head.

With a loud noise, Park Sae-hyuk collapsed on the spot. He was wearing a catcher’s helmet, but he couldn’t get up on impact. An ambulance arrived and he was put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital. Heredia was restless with a worried expression, but finished the game up to the ninth inning without substitution.

Similar things often happen. Once the rules are followed, there is no answer. Positioning on the plate is not a problem. However, there is no way that there was any intention to harm him. Above all, the batting form is difficult to change easily. Because of this, the opposing catcher continues to bear the risk.

For safety, the catcher can switch positions. But even this is not that simple. If you step back, the distance from the pitcher increases. When that happens, many things change. It is difficult to yield because the loss is greater than the gain.

Let’s look at the example of Park Dong-won in 2019 again. I was also aware of the problem with the swing. For this reason, there was a case where he asked the opposing catcher to “don’t sit too close.” In fact, such a scene was captured. He himself went a little toward the pitcher, and even made a gesture to catcher Choi Jae-hoon (Hanhwa), saying, ‘Don’t follow me.’ The intention is to keep some safety distance.

And since the Lee Seong-woo incident in September, things have changed a bit. As the criticism of public opinion grew, he said this in an interview. “I don’t like hurting and harming others. I think it’s something I need to fix myself. Even if my grades drop, I will fix them. We are preparing hard.”

At the time, he had two problems. It was that the back swing trajectory was too large and that the bat was often missed, putting other players at risk. Since then, he has adjusted his batting position and modified the way he grips the bat. And he hasn’t had any issues so far.

The case of Heredia is similar. In the current situation, you never know when an accident will happen again.

In fact, it happened immediately after Park Se-hyeok was taken out. So, it was the third at-bat in the sixth inning. Ahn Joong-yeol, the catcher who came in instead, also had a dizzying experience. He swung at the slider on the 6th pitch and hit the catcher’s helmet again with the bat. Fortunately, the intensity was weaker than that of Park Se-hyuk, so the shock was less, but it was a moment when his heart sank.

Perhaps a seasoned, cautious catcher will step back a bit. But that can’t be a valid solution. First of all, the parties have to fix it.카지노사이트 You have to either change your swing or change your position (on the plate). Even if it doesn’t deviate from the rules. Dangerous play is prohibited. That takes precedence over rules.

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