Daegu FC, 6th place in ‘Sang · S · Kwon’… Prepare for the 14R match with a variety of cards

Daegu FC, which is in the ‘top split’ after winning the Gwangju expedition, prepares for the 14th round Daejeon expedition in a stable situation.

Daegu FC, which ended the first round robin (a situation where all teams finished one game at a time) gloomily with a loss against Ulsan on Children’s Day, settled the mood with a home game draw against Pohang Steelers, the start of the second wheel, and then started the season. After losing 3-4 in the first match at home, they recovered their confidence by winning the away match against Gwangju FC and are showing anticipation for the upcoming match.

Daegu FC, who won their 4th win of the season 2-0, recorded that they won all games won in 2023 with a scoreless score, as well as their 2nd multi-scoring victory and 6th place with multiple goals in 6 games. The point on the line is significant.

After the 3rd round robin, the top 6 teams win the championship and advance to the AFC Champions League, and the bottom 6 teams compete to escape the relegation zone in the K-League. It regained its 6th place.

Desperately trying to keep 6th place to enter the top split, Daegu will play an away game against Daejeon Hana Citizen, who were caught in Pohang last weekend.

Daejeon, which is referred to as the team with a blast this season, was the only team to lose to leader Ulsan, but the early rise was broken and they were ranked 5th, one step up from Daegu.

Coach Won-kwon Choi, who saw the effect of deciding to put Park Se-jin into the attack in the second half in the crisis of Gwangju, where several key players were missing due to the injury of ace Sejingya and the vacancy of the main striker Edgar, coach Choi Won-kwon, who saw the effect, found the possibility of replacement resources and how to utilize Baselus The victory that even saw the effect of widening the team also found confidence in the team.토토사이트

In an interview after the game, Daegu coach Choi Won-kwon said, “I am looking forward to the return of ace Sejingya and the recovery of injured players such as Hong Jeong-woon and Keita in the upcoming confrontation with Daejeon.” It’s enough to play, so I’ll be able to put a variety of cards and mix players, so I’ll be able to think about it happily.”

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