Chinese gymnasium collapses, 11 deaths, including female student volleyball players, 4 critical

The ceiling of a middle school gymnasium in Heilongjiang Province in northeast China collapsed, causing 15 casualties, including students inside.

On the 24th, the official Xinhua News Agency and the observer network reported that the ceiling of the 34th middle school gymnasium in Longsha District, Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province collapsed at 3 pm on the 23rd (local time).

It is known that there were 19 people in the gym at first. Among them, 11 people died after being buried under the collapsed ceiling, and 4 people are in critical condition. Four of them escaped on their own.

Local media Huarong Wang, citing witnesses and acquaintances바카라 of the rescuers, reported that female volleyball players were training in the gym at the time of the collapse.

Multiple sources told the media that the players were selected by grade level and returned to school two days after finishing games in other regions and were training.

Mr. Jang said to the media, “I was in front of the school, but I thought it was thunder because of the rumbling sound.”

If you look at the on-site rescue video, the gym has collapsed except for the walls on all four sides. The construction area of ​​the gymnasium is 1200 square meters, and it is known as a concrete structure. When the accident occurred, 39 fire trucks, 159 fire and rescue personnel, and 4 rescue dogs were dispatched to the scene to rescue the buried people.

The Heilongjiang provincial authorities held a meeting after the accident and ordered that “safety accidents have occurred consecutively in the province for two days, which has a negative social impact,” and “recognize the importance of investigating hidden risks and strengthen management.”

China’s fire authorities announced that, as a result of the first on-site investigation, construction of a comprehensive education facility was underway adjacent to the gymnasium, and that the construction company had illegally piled perlite (perlite) materials on the roof of the gymnasium. It is said that the ceiling of the gymnasium may have collapsed as the weight of the pearlite material, which had been soaked in the rain of the previous day, increased.

The Chinese public security (police) arrested the person responsible for the construction of the comprehensive education facility, and plans to investigate the details of the accident together with the fire authorities.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, the parents of a student who died in an accident this morning went to the hospital to check the body, but the police blocked it, posting a video that is causing controversy among netizens, Taiwan’s Free Times reported.

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