‘Chance for revenge’ Jung Woo-young’s Freiburg clashes with Leipzig in the Pokal quarterfinals

Jung Woo-young’s team, Freiburg, meets RB Leipzig in the semi-finals of the German Football Association Cup (DFB Pokal). The two teams met in the final last season and at the time Leipzig won after a penalty shoot-out.

Freiburg accepted the draw to meet Leipzig at the Pokal semi-final group draw held on the morning of the 10th (hereinafter Korean time). According to Focal rules, the team drawn first will play at home. As a result, Freiburg played at home in the semi-finals.

Another semifinal draw was between Stuttgart and Eintracht Frankfurt. Stuttgart will play at home.

Freiburg advanced to the semifinals after beating strong Bayern Munich in the quarterfinals. At that time, Freiburg scored the winning goal in extra time in the second half and dramatically joined the semi-finals.

Freiburg has never won a Pokal. The best result was reaching the finals last season. It is like having an opportunity to avenge the loss to Leipzig on the threshold of winning last season in one season. Leipzig have reached the final three times in their career and won once. The win last season was the first Pokal championship.

Stuttgart and Frankfurt,바카라사이트 two other semifinalists, are also teams with winning experience. Stuttgart reached the final six times and won three titles, while Frankfurt reached the final eight times and won five times. Frankfurt holds the record for the third most wins, behind Bayern (20) and Werder Bremen (6). Besides Frankfurt, Dortmund and Schalke also won five championships together.

The Pokal semi-finals will be held on the 3rd and 4th of next month. It has not yet been decided which match will be played first. The teams that passed the semi-finals will face off in the finals at the Olympiastadion in Berlin, Germany on the morning of June 4.

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