Challenge to win two LPGA tournaments in a row Jinyoung Ko “Hall of Fame goal”

Jin-young Ko, who is challenging to win two consecutive LPGA tours, expressed her will to join the Hall of Fame.

In an interview with the LPGA Tour on the 23rd (Korean time), Ko Jin-young said, “She actually started playing golf to get into the Hall of Fame, so (the Hall of Fame) is something I can’t help but think about.”

He said, “I have 8 points left before joining the Hall of Fame.”

In order to enter the LPGA Hall of Fame, you must accumulate 27 points. One point is awarded for winning a tour event, ranking first in par average, player of the year award, and Olympic gold medal, and winning a major tournament receives two points.

Also, basically, you have to achieve one of the following: winning a major, ranking first in batting average, or player of the year.

Currently, Ko Jin-young has accumulated 19 points, and Pak Se-ri and Park In-bi are listed as Korean players in the LPGA Hall of Fame.

Ko Jin-young, who won the HSBC World Championship held in Singapore earlier this month, is aiming for her second consecutive victory at the Drive-On Championship, which opens in Gold Canyon, Arizona, USA on the 24th.

Ko Jin-young said, “It’s the first tournament to be held in the US mainland this year, so I hope I can start well.”

Having practiced in Korea after winning the Singapore tournament, he has a good relationship with Arizona State.

This is because he won his first victory in the US mainland by winning the Founders Cup held in Arizona in March 2019.

This victory was Ko Jin-young’s third LPGA Tour win, but the first and second wins were recorded in Korea and Australia.

Ko Jin-young recalled,안전놀이터 “At that time, I had a lot of thoughts, ‘Can I win in the US mainland?'” and “I was able to win other championships after that tournament.”

“This week’s competition is important, but there are many more important competitions left in the future, so I will try to pour out everything I have on the course,” he said.

Koh Jin-young starts the first round of the Drive-On Championship at 3:55 a.m. on the 24th in Korea time with Nellie Korda (USA) and Brooke Henderson (Canada).

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