Chairman Levy, conscious of the Kane transfer rumor, “Winning is possible, I hope the day when the statue of Kane is erected”

Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy has made it clear that he wants ‘ace’ Harry Kane to stay.

England’s ‘The Athletic’ reported on the 20th (local time), “Chairman Levy was convinced that Kane could lift the championship trophy as much as he could even if he stayed at Tottenham.” It seems that the remark was conscious of Kane’s transfer rumor, which has recently resurfaced.

Kane’s contract with Tottenham expires in 2024. He has about a year left on his contract. He is negotiating a renewal contract with Tottenham, but he is not 100% sure of his retention. Some predict that Kane’s future may change depending on Tottenham’s participation in the UEFA Champions League next season.

He cannot rule out the possibility of opting for a transfer this summer. Kane had previously shown his desire for the championship trophy. He decided to stay in the hope that Tottenham’s situation would be different, but it is because he is still repeating his steps. Tottenham is highly likely to finish this season without a tie. It was eliminated early in cup competitions such as the UEFA Champions League and FA Cup, and it is far from winning the league.

But Levy is confident that Tottenham will be able to lift the trophy sooner or later. President Levy, who gave a speech at his alma mater,메이저놀이터 was asked if Kane could experience a win at Tottenham, saying, “Of course. I’m sure Kane will be able to lift the trophy at Tottenham.”

He continued, “Becoming a team legend is also an important achievement. Kane is Tottenham’s top scorer. Kane is making Tottenham’s history. I hope that one day a statue of Kane will be erected at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.” I hoped to remain a Tottenham legend.

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