“CB Enough, Beijing Ace!”… Manchester press ‘points out’ China’s career in ‘Kim Min-jae’s wife’

The local media in Manchester subtly expressed their disappointment at the denial of Kim Min-jae’s transfer rumor. 

It seems that the heart of the Manchester region that wants Kim Min-jae, who can be of great help to the team, has been revealed. 

Kim Min-jae, who played for Türkiye Fenerbahce until last season, joined Napoli as a replacement for Kalidou Koulibaly, who left for Chelsea. 

Even before his debut, Kim Min-jae caught the fans’ attention with his stable defense and quick feet that protected the back space. Napoli is also running at the top of the league thanks to Kim Min-jae’s performance.

As Kim Min-jae’s performance continued, a line of big clubs wanted him in half a season. Among them, Manchester United is most often mentioned as the next destination for Kim Min-jae, and news that he would be willing to pay a buyout appeared several times. 

However, Kim Min-jae recently dismissed all transfer rumors. In an interview after the game against Colombia on the 24th, Kim Min-jae said, “The transfer rumors in the news are not true. It’s not going well,” he strongly denied the transfer rumors. 

In the midst of this, the Manchester press also reported that Kim Min-jae denied the transfer rumor, and the article even represented the Manchester region’s feelings toward his wife.

Manchester media ‘Manchester Evening News’ reported on the 27th (Korean time) that “Kim Min-jae criticized the transfer speculation linked to Manchester United.” 

The Manchester Evening News said, “Kim Min-jae has consistently demonstrated outstanding skills in Spalletti’s team this season, establishing himself as the world’s best center back. He played an important role in advancing into the river,” he said, referring to Kim Min-jae’s season. 

He then explained the situation of Kim Min-jae, who was often connected with Kim Min-jae, saying, “In recent months, Kim Min-jae has been linked to several teams, including Manchester United. Man United has enough center backs, but he was often linked with the former Beijing Guoan ace.” 

The disappointment of the Manchester Evening News is easily revealed in the expression that exposes Kim Min-jae’s previous team, Beijing Guoan, China.

Even though Man Utd does not have a solid center back resource other than Rafael Baran and Lisandro Martinez this season, the media explained that there are enough center backs, and emphasized Kim Min-jae, who has been more prominent at Napoli and Fenerbahce, as “Beijing Guoan’s ace.”

In fact, if Man United can bring Kim Min-jae this coming summer, they can build a world-class defensive line with Baran and Lisandro, so there is no reason not to recruit them.

On the other hand,메이저사이트 Kim Min-jae has been mentioned several times, including the possibility of renewing his contract with Naples, along with the recent transfer rumors, and the situation in the transfer market in the coming summer is unclear. 

Whether the disappointment in Manchester can be reversed by signing Kim Min-jae is expected to depend on Kim Min-jae’s move in the summer transfer market.

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