Catching all the outsides under the goal’ SK, KCC win… Round 6 PO overpowered

If you level the rebound fight, you can win because you are ahead in the number of attacks.”

Seoul SK, ranked 3rd in the professional basketball regular league, won the rebound fight as coach Jeon Hee-cheol wished, and won the first game of the playoffs by using their long-term fast attack.

SK won 89-73 in a confrontation with Jeonju KCC, 6th place in the regular league, in the first leg of the 2022-2023 season playoff (PO) held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Seoul on the 3rd. SK occupied an advantage in advancing to the quarterfinals PO. In the past 6 POs, the winning team in the first leg has advanced to the 47 POs out of 50 times, with a probability of 94%.

In the regular league head-to-head match, SK showed an advantage with 4 wins and 2 losses. However, KCC is the only team that blocked SK’s score below 80 points. In particular, whenever they met SK, they were 5-6 ahead in rebounding and always fought closely.

In particular, last season’s regular season MVP Choi Jun-yong, who was expected to return on this day, was dropped because he did not fully recover from a heel injury. However, he overpowered KCC with a rebound fight that was not afraid of fouls and a quick attack, which was his skill.

The game on this day was the exact opposite of the regular season. SK got 42 rebounds more than KCC (30), and the 3-point success rate was 36.8%, which was higher than KCC, which was only 21.4%. He also recorded 9 interceptions, 3 times more than his opponent, increasing the success rate of fast attacks.

At the beginning of the game, KCC pushed KCC with strong pressure and height on ball handler Kim Seon-hyung. After the start of the game, the home team SK was tied close to 3 minutes without a goal.

From the middle of the first quarter, SK seemed to be relaxed, and the game was easily solved with quick attacks and outside shots. From the second half of the first quarter, the combination play of Kim Seon-hyung and Warney, the biggest weapon, came to life. With two minutes left at the end of the quarter, they led 21-11, widening the score gap to double digits.

SK continued to lead in the second quarter. Even in the 3rd quarter, SK did not let go of the reins by continuing a quick attack with bold steals and a rebound fight that did not hesitate. Finishing the third quarter with a score of 69-49, it actually tipped the balance of the game.

SK won a landslide victory with Warney (26 points, 12 rebounds) and Kim Seon-hyeong (11 points, 10 assists) as well as Oh Jae-hyun (17 points, 5 rebounds) who put in for defense.

Jae-Hyun Oh actively attempted 3 points from the beginning of the game. He scored 3 points in the middle of the 2nd quarter and scored 11 points to become the team’s top scorer in the middle of the game. In the 3rd quarter,카지노사이트 he scored 3 points right at the start, pouring cold water on the opponent’s will to pursue.

In the fourth quarter, KCC pursued with La Gun-ah (28 points, 12 rebounds) under the goal, but it was not enough.

SK will bring KCC home again on the 5th for the second round of PO.

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