‘Birthday and Team Victory Double Congratulation’ Sungkyunkwan University Noh Wan-joo “I worked with the mind of standing on the edge of a cliff”

Sophomore Noh Wan-joo (F, 193cm), who took on the dirty work for Sungkyunkwan University’s victory, helped the team rise to a tie for 5th place.

Sungkyunkwan University Noh Wan-ju contributed to the team’s 70-60 victory by recording 6 points, 9 rebounds and 2 assists in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League match against Kyunghee University held at Suseonggwan, Sungkyunkwan University’s Natural Sciences Campus on the 8th.

Noh Wan-joo, who received Seungri as his birthday present, was bright. Noh Wan-joo, whom we met after the game, said, “We played the game with the mindset that we were standing on the edge of a cliff. He also said that today (the 8th) is my birthday, so the hyungs are making me a birthday present called Seungri. It’s good to win as a team together.”

Sungkyunkwan University, which had been tied with Kyunghee University with 5 wins and 6 losses before the match, was in a situation where it either rose to 5th place or fell into a losing streak depending on the win or loss. Noh Wan-ju said, “I was looking at the odds of winning at 5 to 5. Still, I focused on raising the team atmosphere that had subsided while working out until the day before. (Kim) Yoon-seong went out and the height went down, but me, (Won) Jun-seok, and (Lee) Joo-min prepared for the rebound while hyung boxed out,” he explained the situation before the game.

Noh Wan-joo, who played 27 minutes and 20 seconds of the game, actively participated in the rebound and took on the dirty work, added his role, saying, “If I play alone, I take number 5, and if Jumin plays with my brother, I go into number 4 and shoot confidently.” did.

As a sophomore,토토사이트 he even has his own routine to relax. “He is relaxing by singing a song in his mind to try to be less nervous this year. He sings IVE’s ‘I AM’ a lot these days (laughs).”

Continuing this momentum, they pledged to win the Myongji Battle (12th). He left a dignified determination, saying, “I won today and the mood has risen, but I will prepare for the next game while enjoying it moderately without getting too excited.”

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