Bang Seong-yoon One-Man Team? Kyungsik Yoo is finished! Hanul Construction wins two consecutive championships

Hanul Construction flew once again. Kyungsik Yoo, who showed an unusual performance, had an accident once again. 

On the 23rd, in the 2023 KXO League 1st round finals held at the special court at the Hoengseong Inline Skating Rink in Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do, Hanul Construction, which was once down 16-20 and lost, was able to overcome the sky thanks to Bang Seong-yoon’s interception and Yoo Gyeong-sik’s two-point shot at the end. They defeated them 21-20 and won a dramatic come-from-behind victory. 

A week ago, Hanul Engineering & Construction won its first Korea Tour championship in 4 years. Hanul Construction, which had a strong image as a second player in later years, must have wanted to shake the Korean 3×3 game by standing at the top in this competition as well. 

The start was not good. He lost 13-21 in the preliminaries to Inje, who won two consecutive losses on the Korea Tour. Moreover, the defeat in the preliminaries was not a welcome sign for Hanul Construction, as it was a heavenly event in which only three players competed due to Ha Do-hyun’s injury absence. 

Hanul Construction, which beat Busan Clean Shot in the semifinals and met Inje from the sky again in the final, seemed to be unable to escape the flow of defeat in the preliminaries. It was driven to the brink of defeat in the second half of the game. However, Hanul Construction this season was different. 

Due to Ha Do-hyun’s injury, only three players, Kim Min-seop, Noh Seung-jun, and Park Min-soo, competed throughout the tournament. At first glance, the players’ faces were full of fatigue. After two days of the tournament, the sky descended Inje, who went to the finals with a more emaciated figure. 

However, Heavenly Inje, who showed signs of exhaustion, was beaten from the beginning. After Noh Seung-jun’s break through the bottom of the net, he scored, and Park Min-soo scored two free throws to take a 3-0 lead. After that, Kim Min-seop scored 3 points in a row, including a 2-point shot, and took the lead at the beginning of the game.

Hanul Construction, which is on the rise, was also fierce. Bang Seong-yoon and Yoo Kyung-shik took consecutive shots and balanced the sky. 

Until the middle of the game, Bang Seong-yoon and Kim Min-seop each scored two 2-point shots, and the two teams called General Meng-gun and continued a close match. Hanul Construction succeeded in tying the score with Lee Seung-bae’s 2-point shot in the middle of the game. However, after that, the skillful beauty of Inje, who came down from the sky, shone. 

Inje, who was exhausted from the sky, had the luck that Kim Min-seop’s 2-point shot passed the rim, which was chased by time, followed by Kim Min-seop’s basket count and succeeded in a 3-point lead. 3 minutes and 58 seconds before the end of the game, Kim Min-seop, who even made a foul on the opposing team, took a 20-16 lead and was on the verge of victory.

Hanul Construction seemed to be at a loss. It was the moment when the game was over when only one point was conceded. However, unlike previous years, Hanul Construction, which was full of confidence against Heavenly Inje, narrowed the gap to 19-20 with a 2-point shot by Kyungsik Yoo while Heavenly Inje made a mistake. 

Afterwards, Hanul Construction, which blocked Inje’s attack with a dramatic interception by Bang Seong-yoon, 3 minutes and 28 seconds before the end of the game, Yoo Kyung-shik attempted another 2-point shot. Yoo Kyung-shik’s 2-point shot, which seemed fast-paced, cut the rim cleanly, and Hanul Construction succeeded in a dramatic come-from-behind victory.

Hanul Engineering & Construction, who won an unforgettable come-from-behind championship with Bang Seong-yoon (4) and Yoo Kyung-sik (3) jointly making 7 2-pointers in the finals alone, won the Korea Tour last week and the KXO League 1st round in a row, leading the 2023 Korean 3×3 game. started to change 

On the other hand,스포츠토토 KXO League 1st round MVP was selected Hanul Engineering & Construction Ryu Kyung-sik, who succeeded in a thrilling 2-point shot in the final. 

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