At the meeting, the prospective mother-in-law asked, “What is the compatibility?”… Woman breaks off engagement due to boyfriend’s reaction

A story was told about a woman who broke off her engagement because her prospective mother-in-law asked about her compatibility and demanded luxury goods during a meeting.

On the 5th, writer A listed the questions she received from her mother-in-law on an online community, saying, “If your mother-in-law asks this question during a meeting, what will you answer?”

The mother-in-law asked Person A, “It’s so nice to see you and your mom as friends. Are you going to link arms with me and go to the department store like a daughter?” Mr. A responded, “Yes, but when I go on dates with my mom, my mom doesn’t let me spend that money, so we date often. How can I say that to my mom?”

Her mother-in-law then said, “Do you know how to cook? I heard that some people’s children bring at least one luxury item when they get married.”

In response to the mother-in-law’s words, Ms. A said, “I cook rice with 안전놀이터a rice cooker, and my boyfriend lives alone for a long time, so he does better, right?” She replied, “We don’t have money. If so, mother, please give me that bag, too.”

The mother-in-law went further and asked, “Are you compatible on the inside? You are compatible. Does your job make you good money?” Mr. A said, “Mom, my father is there too, so what are you talking about? I make as much money as my boyfriend.”

Mr. A, who shared the conversation at the meeting, said, “I think I answered well. My father and uncle were on my side for every question like that. “My boyfriend also said something,” he said. “But after the meeting, my mother said that I seemed immature.” “I was thinking of moving on, but when I heard that, I was dumbfounded, so I asked my boyfriend to end it all.”

The boyfriend was sorry at first, but when Mr. A showed a firm attitude, he said, “You’re also very strong. Even if you ask 100 people, there won’t be anyone like you. Meetings are difficult, so everyone is saying ‘yes’, but I won’t just smile and point it out like you do. “It is,” he said.

Mr. A said, “I often heard stories about folded arms, rice, and inner compatibility when we were dating, but I’m a fool for meeting each other,” and added, “I lost love with my boyfriend, but it was still hard. It’s a waste of my time, but I’ll try to get through it.”

Netizens who heard this story responded, “It will be difficult for the writer’s ex-boyfriend to get married in this life,” “I think he figured it out well during the meeting. I think it’s better not to have a relationship with a family like that,” and “The writer is wise.” showed.

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