“As expected, Jeju will be erased!” A stadium resounding with dialects, Jeju’s regional closeness continues

 Jeju United’s colorful activities to adhere to the region continue.

On the afternoon of the 3rd, when the K-League 1 round 16 match between Jeju United and Gangwon FC was held, the Jeju language rang throughout the match at the Jeju World Cup Stadium. On this day, Jeju invited a creator from Jeju, Moo Lang Ha Man, and attempted to speak in dialect for the first time in the K-League. What’s Langha Man is a YouTuber that deals with Jeju-related content and has over 190,000 subscribers.

Moorangha Man was in charge of the game in Jeju, a local dialect. In the 20th minute of the first half, when Kim Bong-soo and Seo Jin-soo were substituted, he induced the crowd to respond by saying, “Player substitution Lee Su-da (there is)” and “Clap Ha-young for scoring a goal.” After conceding the opening goal in the 38th minute of the first half, they shouted “Maseim to cheer up the players (let’s applaud the players for strength)” and “Players, cheer up more! (Players, please cheer up more!)” Raised.

Jeju tied the score in the first minute of the second half and opened the beginning of a reversal. Afterwards, as the man shouted, “It looks like more goals will be scored if everyone shouts together (I think more goals will be scored if everyone shouts together!)”, Yuri immediately scored a come-from-behind goal. What Langha Man said, “As expected, Jeju is gone (Jeju is also the best)” and made the air in the stadium hotter.

This match was Lee Chang-min’s last home game before enlistment. What-what-what-what-what man applauded Chang-min Lee, saying, “You’ve been fooled all along (Thank you for your hard work).”

Jeju is the first team to play in the local dialect in the K-League. In Jeju, the local dialect has a special meaning. The Jeju club is actively carrying out various activities to adhere to the region. Announcing the Jeju dialect is an idea that came from the same context.

Jeju Island is making various efforts to preserve and foster the Jeju language. Recently, it is a project that is actively promoted to the extent that the province has decided to invest 16 billion won by 2027 for this purpose. On this day, the soccer team played an important role in contributing to Jeju Island’s big task.

After the game, Meorangha Man said, “Jeju language is a precious regional dialect that we must preserve and protect. It was such an honor to be able to hold a Jeju language home game for the first time in Korea with Jeju United, the only professional sports club in Jeju Island.”

A Jeju official said, “It was more meaningful to have a special collaboration with What Lang Ha Man for the hometown of Jeju Island. It was not just for fun, but also for meaning, such as receiving advice on the Jeju language through the Korean Language Research Association. In the future, I will think about good ideas that can draw attention to Jeju and continue to try.”메이저놀이터

Amidst various efforts, Jeju is breathing with many fans despite the regional characteristics of attracting spectators. On this day, a large number of spectators entered the event as well. The average number of spectators in Jeju this season reaches 6741.

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