“Arrest of Russian deputy commander close to Prigozhin”…Signal of Putin’s purge?

Russian President Putin’s purge of those inside the Russian military who helped or aided Prigozhin’s rebellion appears to have begun in earnest.

The Russian government is said to have taken action to seize Prigozhin’s money-making foreign mercenary business.

Reporter Hwang Bo-yeon reports.

“Sergei Surovikin, the deputy commander of the Russian military unit, knew about Prigozhin’s rebellion in advance, and it is possible that other generals also sympathized with the rebellion.

” .

[Dmitry Peskov / Spokesperson of the Kremlin Palace: There will be a lot of speculation and gossip surrounding these events. I think this is one of those cases.]

But this time, a report came out from inside Russia.

The Moscow Times, citing multiple military sources, said Deputy Commander Surovikin was arrested in connection with the mutiny.

One source said: “This arrest involved Prigozhin, and Surovykin clearly sided with Prigozhin in this rebellion.”

The British Royal Joint Military Institute analyzed that some factions supporting Surovikin in the Russian army may have helped Prigozhin’s attempt to rebel안전놀이터.

A pro-government Russian-oriented military SNS channel said that a purge is underway in connection with this rebellion.

Surovikin served as commander-in-chief for the Ukraine war in October last year, and was pushed out as deputy commander in January this year.

He is known to have become close with Prigogine while working together as the commander of the Syrian Expeditionary Force in the past.

It seems that Putin’s counterattack to cut off the money line of Prigogin, the core of the rebellion, has also begun.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Russian government has stepped forward directly to take over the Wagner Group’s mercenary business network built around the world.

It is said that the Russian government has recently delivered a message that the mercenary business management entity will change in Syria and the Central African Republic, which are the main active countries of the Wagner Group.

In the meantime, Prigogine has received hundreds of billions of won a year in exchange for sending mercenaries to the countries concerned, and it is interpreted as an intention to block it at the source.

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